Fibre Broadband / ADSL / 4G in SE23?



@Hikoki 100gb of data for 19 quid is a good deal although I am struggling to find that anywhere. Of course that is total data over the specified period not speed and 4g can be highly variable in terms of speed and latency. We had one for working out of office on mobile devices but were amazed at how quickly you burn through data. Speed was fine for browsing, youtube and email but in the end it went the way of all things as we kept on having to stump up for data,

I have FTTP in FH - BT are fecking useless but the internet rattles along at a good pace. Really surprised you can’t get FTTC or FTTP in HO


This is the vodafone deal:

And 3 4G home-fi

Yea, unfortunately no fibre on this side of the station…


hmmmph…looks like I came across something in Jersey…So i guess the only option really is from three mobile or possibly EE do one as well.

Not sure if 20gb is enough for amazon fire streaming - every once in a while.


It depends which side of the tracks you are on. On the East side, I don’t think there is a problem (but happy to stand corrected on this point). West, some people have it, but you can’t order any more as the old style cabinet on Tyson Road is full.


Edit - Ah jersey - would have been a nice deal

That’s a pretty decent deal. Personally I wouldn’t without doing a 4g speed test first but I that is a good deal and you can at least see how much you are using.
You can still burn through data surprisingly quickly - is it just you?


nothing on wyleu…least what everyone tells me…


Ok stand corrected then. I was basing my post on a conversation with a BT engineer. He indicated that it was technically possible now (due to spare slots on Grierson IIRC) but, actually, when it comes to OpenReach it is not the technical capability that is the problem…


yea, just for ourselves - non business use. the upload speed on BT is bad…50gb/month on 3 mobile does sound like a lot of data…i wonder how long on 4G it would take to download that much anyway…


We stream Amazon Fire with 10 to 12 gig whilst using two lap tops and an iPad.


that’s useful to know. Probably less than that then, as it’s every now and then. The most is probably google photo uploads and amazon photo uploads…i suppose the video uploads can take up a lot of bandwidth.


Uploads was pretty dire. Upload speed of around 2 meg.


EE 4G vs Virgin Media Fibre.


The upload speed is what made me switch ti fiber - I spent ages trying to upload about 70gb of photos to Amazon so I caved in and got fiber - wooosh!
50gb a month is fine for web/email etc. If you use Netflix or video streaming services a lot or you or if you torrent then you can reach that quite quickly.


That’s great feedback, thanks. BT ADSL uploads tend to be around 1mb, so seeing the EE 4G at a higher rate is nice to see. Just can’t find anything regarding the Three HomeFi 4G…not even a single review…


LOCAL BROADBAND OPTIONS & SERVICE - we’re in Honor Oak and are unable to get fibre broadband because the cabinet serving our street is only able to service approx 65% of the properties on it.
Openreach tells me they have no plans to upgrade the service as to do so would not be ‘commercially viable’. My next door neighbour has,potentially, services of up to 300mb/s download available yet just meters away we struggle to reach 10mb/s (from a service from Sky we pay for that advertises up to 17mb/s).

Is anyone else in a similar situation?

What other alternatives have you found?

The distribution of Openreach’s services seems unfair and haphazard and as someone who is self employed and dependent on high connection speeds for my business, I’m appalled that this lack of infrastructure is turning into a such handicap.

**I notice Virgin is encouraging those interested in receiving or upgrading fibre broadband to register their interest at the following page. Seems like one of the only options for those of us 2nd class citizens abandoned by Openreach … If you can’t get fibre at the moment or you’re unhappy with BT, register your interest and let’s see if they take any notice!!! **

Interested to hear thoughts - but not so bothered about customer service woes - I just want to be able to have the option to CHOOSE between faster services in the first place !!


Hi Mark,
We have fibre broadband via BT. We were offered it as we were getting useless speeds/buffering etc, then our phone had to be changed as well!
Our next door neighbour has been told he can’t have it, but they did change his wiring on the mast outside, so I wonder if that is an option otherwise.


Not to depress you further but I registered my interest with Virgin over a year ago - good to get people trying but no change. I do have BT Infinity.

Good luck but I wouldn’t hold your breath…


I have BT FTTP on the other side of the South Circ. Speed is great and very reliable.
BT delivery are terrible though - took months to get it sorted…


We are in a very similar situation. We do not have a much better connection speed, c. 12Mb/s download, but it is very stable, which is most important for me as I also use it for work. We use Zen.

The advertised rate is a massive bone of contention with ADSL. It is the ‘up to’ part that is operative. I do not buy the ‘commercially viable’ part as there is plenty of demand. If you check my comments upthread, you will see that it is more likely that there are other places where they can site new equipment that would be more profitable than replacing new for old. The cabinet you refer to, which I suspect may be on Tyson Road, is known locally to the engineers as a ‘nightmare’.

The root issue here IMO is that OpenReach have no competition.


I agree about Openreach needing more competition. After our recent home move we were left without internet for almost 2 months and the ones before that it was one month each time because of the incompetence + arrogance of Openreach. Having moved here from the states where over five home moves we were left without a single outage this was a massive shock and inconvenience. And we weren’t the only ones, we had to share our internet with our neighbors for almost 2 months when they first moved in.