Fibre Broadband / ADSL / 4G in SE23?



Had a wander down Gabriel St earlier and noticed the overhead fibre cables on a few telephone poles. Has anyone around there got fibre yet?


Does anyone know how to get in touch with Openreach? All the houses on Holmesley Road, Courtrai Road, etc are available for fibre now but the flats inside those properties aren’t.

Fairly frustrating finding BT say they can’t do anything and not being able to talk to anyone in Openreach.


This seems to be a common issue. We have the same on Sunderland Road - those in houses can get fibre but those of us in flats can’t even though we’re connected to the same cabinet. I’ve raised this with Open Reach via a Contact link on their website and got an initial response advising my query requires further investigation by their specialist team to resolve! That was 2 weeks ago.


I’ve got an investigation in with BT and I’ve pointed out to them that this is true for many properties in the area. They are meant to get back to me today, hopefully they can fix this for everyone.


I got an update from OpenReach at last. It seems that when they fitted the area for fibre they only ran 1 fibre strand for each building, despite that the flats have been separate lines for over 30 years!

This means that new fibre needs laid for the area before any flat will get fibre.


OpenReach are not being entirely open or fully accurate with that answer.

I for example have fibre to the home ( sometimes FTTH or FTTP). That in practice means I have five fibre strands to the distribution box. Why this is, has never been explained.

I tested the system with BT as part of the pilot scheme and had monitoring kit installed in my home. The tests included using some of the other fibre routes to deliver data.

The problem lies somewhere between the fact that the pilot for Forest Hill had architecture that was originally to be Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC) with last metres to your premises being in the traditional copper or aluminium cable.

Typically BT/Openreach altered this to FTTP part way through the pilot scheme. So we have a mixture of both.

Without knowing for certain, my best guess would be that OpenReach do not have the capability or kit to deliver the five strand equivalent to flats.

And then you have one of the main spines running along Perry Vale, yet very few if any properties there can get any fibre connection, be they single properties or flats.


Going back to Mark’s question about getting Virgin. if they ever install the cables to your street, expect very slow speeds and traffic management as VM simply don’t have the capacity for all their customers in London to use the service properly.

I’m one of the fortunate it seems who has full speed fibre on TalkTalk via the Openreach network which works well, even if it’s not up to the speeds Virgin advertise.


I think Virgins performance is very much dictated by the box at the end of your street - after several previous issues we had an engineer correct the gain from our local box to our property - and have enjoyed a pretty consistent 76mb download ever since.


Am pleased to report that we now have FTTP in Honor Oak, west of the tracks. It took an age to deliver - OpenReach are truly Kafkaesque with their bureaucracy. Now very happy with stable and fast connection. Stuck with Zen and am very glad we did so. Very good quality router supplied and easy to contact tech support.

Can now ditch the phone line we never wanted and this makes it almost cost neutral.


Congrats - welcome to the super-fast web. Just watch you don’t meet yourself coming back at high speed.

Interesting data published today. It focuses on measured speeds delivered by UK Internet Service Providers in the crucial 20:00 to 22:00 evening time frame.

So for example I am circa 1.5 km (fibre optic cable route) from Forest Hill Exchange with an up to 76 Mbps FTTP connection from BT.

For me the table shows download Mbps averages of [Bottom] 32.5 [Median] 55.9 and [Top] 74.0 - all values which are comparable with my own measurements.

The whole table shows Broadband Speeds for a number of UK Internet Service Providers and will serve as a “pointer” for those who like to know.


Thanks! One interesting feature is that the DNS servers you assign become significant I have noticed.

Re the ThinkBroadband link, shame it doesn’t have our connection type on there (Zen FTTP 76Mb/s), will do some tests between those times if anyone is interested.


i did notice on the thinkbroadband site that a user there also asked if the Zen FTTP data could be added.

Given that this was 2017 data - is the Zen FTTP service a comparatively new product ?


Yes it is I think. Certainly only just available where we are anyway.


Are you in a new build? Do you know what triggered you getting it? Every 2-3 months I check the broadband checker to see if there’s any change for my house, but no FTTP and no G.Fast (which is probably a good enough replacement for FTTP).


Not in a new build, :rofl:

Couldn’t say exactly. I mean, they ran fibre in from the street as there is already fibre there, but there has presumably been fibre there for a few years at least as we had a previous opportunity to order it. This is all within the gift of the enigmatic OpenReach.

I had put our name down on various waiting lists, including with our current ISP, hoping to be notified when it was available but nothing came of that. It was only because I did an occasional check, like you do, that I noticed it.

As the weak link in our ADSL has been the copper phone lines, I would prefer FTTP if you can get it. That is my thinking at least - early days yet!


Ah, so lucky. I agree that fibre is vastly preferable to copper, but it seems that OpenReach have little intention of widely deploying fibre (why would they, if they aren’t being made to?)

I used to live in Crofton Park and I had FTTP there (which was glorious – it was the early days so I was getting 300 down for about what I’m paying now for 60ish VDSL). I was renting so it was never going to last long. That was a newish (in the last 15 years) development, so I guess they had ducts or something that made it easy to deploy.


Sorry - I came late to this as I had not fully realised Honor Oak was still quite so far behind with fibre activation.
In circumstances where the fibre has been laid, Openreach can be influenced about when it will go active.
I have supported neighbours and friends over the years with all forms of broadband networking.
So when fibre was rolled out from Forest Hill exchange in one of the early pilot schemes, it was obvious that Openreach would alter their plans in the context of perceived demand.
And that could influenced by persuading friends, neighbours and all and sundry to sign up as expressions of interest on BT’s website . This action did not mean you were signing up for a deal but it could lead to your streets/postcode being elevated in the general scheme of things.
We did use another SE23 dot site to spread the word.
And whilst it did not work universally- it did work most of the time.
So spread the word, vote early vote often and promote your locality in the expressions of interest game.
Multi-flatted buildings are still a mystery as to why they do not get FTTP installations.


Where does one go to express interest?


I think visiting here may provide the most effective method of getting fibre broadband in SE23.


Haha – took me a good ten seconds to realise what was happening. I think you’re right, though.