Fibre broadband in Honor Oak - Cabinet 31 Upgrade



Thanks Chris. So technically it is perhaps not required, but due to the odd nature of BT’s structure we currently still have to pay for something neither of us use… Madness. Lets hope that OFCOM see some sense in changing this!


This changes when you get (if you can) FTTP. This is fibre all the way to the house. We have ditched our landline. With Zen at £42/m.


Thanks Brett. Confirmed with BT that I do indeed have FTTP so I can look into options such as Zen. Sounds like you are generally happy with download speeds?

To be honest, provided Netflix works well I am generally happy!


Very happy. I don’t think we are stretching it honestly yet have 2 kids who watch Netflix simultaneously at times.

In the conversion to FTTP, there is an exterior and interior install. There is a rather arcane system where if you want to be present for the exterior appointment then you have no choice over the time and date (and you will get billed if you miss it). It also takes a while but this is all due to OpenReach.


Spoken to openreach and a ticket is now logged to do an investigation into the accuracy of the database for Bovill Road (SE23 1EL) on cabinet 31.

Let’s see what comes of that…


Thanks Dan!


@Dan_Cherowbrier - did you ever get anywhere with openreach and the accuracy of their database?

Following the links at the beginning of this post I did a bit of research for Grierson road (SE23 1NT) and discovered that there are similar anomalies for properties connected to the same cabinet. My house doesn’t have FTTP but the next door neighbour does, even though we are on the same telegraph pole!

If you were successful with openreach it would be good to know how to repeat the process for Grierson as our standard broadband is driving me up the wall (<4Mb at peak time and huge latacy issues) and there are no other fibre option available.


Hello Chris, we just had FTTP installed earlier this week - now getting a solid 51mpbs down / 10mbps up (exactly as promised) with BT.

This link should hopefully let you access the seven providers who offer FTTP in our area:

From what I can gather, you can only get FTTP, not FTTC. This means you get a better/faster connection, but with fewer service providers to choose from. We stuck with BT as we’d signed a 12-month contract already; they charged us £50 extra to install fibre.

Good luck!


Backwards and forwards but no answers yet…



On the 1NT part of Grierson Road (117 - 157) the link above gives the following:

Number 117 - 125: Your area is connected to Ultrafast Fibre but demand is high right now, so you may not be able to order a service today.
Numbers 127 - 133: We’re working with government and industry to explore ways to bring Superfast fibre to as many people as possible but don’t have a plan for your area yet.
Numbers 135 - 157: Great news, you can order a Fibre to the Premises service today.

Unfortunately I’m in the middle group, so cannot order FTTP through any provider as I guess they must use the openreach database to determine who they can sell services to. Hence I think the only way to get access to FTTP is to look into the accuracy of the openreach database.

I’m not holding out much hope!


I’ve just checked whether we will have fibre in a flat I’m moving to on Bovill rd and it says I don’t, but the downstairs flat does! Then one of the neighboring houses has it, but the other doesn’t.

Surely the site must be incorrect, rather than the availablity varying between the ground and first floor flats of a Victorian conversion…


Sadly there is an underlying factor at work here.

BT Openreach does not appear to have a working solution to install fibre in multi-flatted buildings.

So in the circumstance you described Openreach will say the service is available in the area - but may then decline to install as there are at least two flats in the building.

This paradox/failing goes without explanation by BT or Openreach.


Just as a heads up (and I realise this is not SE23 related but goes to how BT/Openreach work). We have had issues in our little rural area of Norfolk.Took BT as it was sold as 50meg. Found out that was never ever going to happen, max 6-10 meg. Long story short, we now have a steady 80 meg down and 20 meg up. BT have no idea how it has happened, nor do Openreach. Both are very very incompetent and have no idea what each other are doing.


So we spent 15 months looking at other houses near us clearly with Superfast Fibre, but the postcode checker said no, BT said no, presumably at full capacity issue due to flats etc. We had 16Mb broadband, and as someone who has worked in IT for 20 years and considers himself a bit of an expert, this was, in technical terms “pants”.

Tonight. Deliverance. Ultrafast FTTP, 200Mb. Cabinet 22. Availability was only switched on about 2 weeks ago and we are first on the road with it.

Have to pay a few extra quid but couldn’t be happier right now, will make a world of difference to working from home and video calling family.

I suppose the point of this message is that if you have had issues with availability, get in now with FTTP!


Saner at 76a Bovill road is trying to form a list of people so he can send a letter to openreach.

I’d suggest anyone on cabinet 31 should add to the pressure.



I’m an A on Ebsworth and we’ve had fibre broadband for 4 years!


Ok, it seems pretty random who can and can’t get fibre. I’ll check again in 12 months when my contract is due for renewal. Thanks for the info, cheers


Hi All, just to say Openreach came back to me today and at least for me they’ve now resolved the issue so I can place an order.

Others may want to check to see if they can too.