Fibre Broadband on Bovill Road

Has anyone on Bovill Road managed to get fibre broadband, and if so with which provider.


Bt availability checker suggests you can but you need to plug in your exact address…

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Thanks but only standard broadband, no fibre

By ‘standard’ what do you mean exactly. There’s FTTC, FTTP, cable etc. Do you mean ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ is standard or are we still talking old school ADSL? If the latter, then I would consider getting a 4G Mifi router and an unlimited data package instead.

Unfortunately we are talking old school! Checked on Openreach website and no plans to upgrade in the near future either. Think I might have to go with the mifi option, although was hoping to avoid added costs on top of what I am already paying out to Sky!

Thanks for your help

That’s odd because at some addresses in Bovil you can get 900mb download which is just about the fastest available…
At others just standard broadband! It maybe the curse of BT not supplying flats with fibre…

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Are you in a flat (either purpose built or a converted house)? If so then it’s unlikely you can get anything other than basic ADSL broadband. Unfortunatley I have the same issue on Sunderland Road. When I queried it with BT Open Reach they eventually advised that they took a commercial decision not to include MDU’s (multiple dwelling units) in the fibre rollout for the Forest Hill exchange. Of course this was never made general knowledge at the time to those of us who were going to be affected! Personally I find it unacceptable that those of us who live in flats (which is London is a high percentage of the population) are being treated as second class citizens when it comes to internet connection and our only option is to go for more expensive options such as those offered by mobile phone operators.


Definitely give them a call! When I first moved here I was advised I couldn’t get fibre broadband but checked and saw that my neighbours could all get high speed fibre broadband. I think there’s sometimes a capacity issue with cabinets rather than the street itself not being served. In the end BT advised they could provide fibre to the premises (which has been v fast and reliable) for the same price as their normal broadband deals. It might take a bit of work but I think it’s worth it if you can avoid copper internet.


Yep I had this exact thing, downstairs flat had fibre, upstairs limited to copper - doesn’t make any sense to me but they eventually agreed to provide fibre to the premises, which is better than the fibre the most other properties on the street will have.

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Ground floor flat in a converted terrace house, pretty standard for the area really. Interesting to hear Openreach view in this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thanks for the advice - I will give them a call

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