Fibre - cabinet 15 [Now Available]

If you live in a block of flats, it’s worth looking into Hyperoptic, have just switched to them from Virgin Media recently, no complaints as yet.

Though it very much depends on availability.

For the data nerds:

A typical week of speed tests whilst on Virgin Media:

A week of speedtests whilst on Hyperoptic:

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Oooh dataporn!

What are you using for the speed tests, may I please enquire? Is it something like a fing box, but better?

I have a Synology NAS for my cough totally legitimate downloads, on which I am running a few docker containers. One of which is just a simple script to run a speedtest every hour, and save it out to a CSV. (Someone else invented it, I just use it!)

Unsure about fingbox, it doesn’t seem to offer an awful lot that can’t be done oneself, but I guess it all depends on how involved people want to get with the networks. Though, really everyone should try to learn about the basics of things that happen on their networks. Something like Pi-hole can be used to block nasty traffic, and give you an idea of just how chatty your fancy WiFi lightbulbs really are. (Full disclosure, I am a developer on Pi-hole)

This may be getting off topic!

I’m aware of hyperoptic, but not an option for us unfortunately.

@Kate8 I got in touch with BT Openreach on Twitter and gave them my address and they have now told me there is a project underway which is due to complete in November. Not going to hold my breath but I do have my fingers crossed. I have noticed a few of the big green cabinets which I believe are for fibre being put up recently, and BT Openreach vans about.

Fibre has finally just gone live on Cabinet 15. I ordered mine last night.


Amazing! Thank you!

Got connected today - much faster. Thanks again for the heads up @luke_timothy


Well this thread has depressed me! I’ve just had the BT engineer over today as my speeds are certainly very far from advertised, and he essentially told me I was doomed! I’ve got fibre to the cabinet but copper to the house, and it appears the contention etc means many people now have the issues I have (no dropouts though). I’ve started a case with BT and given them 30 day to remedy which seems unlikely.

I did speak to their sales team online to ask for the minimum speeds for the deal I am on, and they told me that service was not available at my address! :roll_eyes:

So for now I think I’ll just need to go on a cheaper deal and \ or maybe see if I can find some none cable alternative.

Great! Glad I could help.

Hi Kate8

We’re thinking of going for fibre. May I ask - did you get to choose where they drill into your house? Have you still got your old landline or do you have VOIP (internet phone)?

I have FTTP and I did get a choice where they drilled in - although I was happy with their suggestion. I kept my landline as at the time I was told I would have to change my number. They then cut my land line off anyway and it took two weeks to get it back!

I didn’t get FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) so there was no drilling and the landline is the same as before.

Cabinet 15 was upgrated to FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) recently, and I signed up (with my provider Sky) and they switched it on remotely about a month later, increasing the speed I could get 3-4 times, but not as fast as FTTP would be.

Can I ask what sort of speeds you are getting? I’m with BT and having an issue and since they came to fix things my current download speed is around 10Mb - I’m trying to get an idea of what is ‘normal’ - I know what I have is not but not sure what to truly expect. I’m FTTC as well.

It’s between 60 and 75 Mbps for download. I think Sky advertise as “up to 80Mbps”.

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Great thank you @Kate8 - I have a miraculous new router arriving tomorrow that will apparently solve all my problems - let’s see.


I am running at 60 download… which is about max for the package I am on.

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