Fibre to the House in Honor Oak Road?

Does anybody have Fibre to the House (FTTH) on Honor Oak Road? If yes, who provides this to you? I’m trying to get better internet as the copper cables don’t do it for me. In this day and age we should be able to get a better quality connection. HYPEROPTIC is one of my preferred providers as I’ve used them before, super reliable and very quick! They have yet to install something on Honor Oak Road… perhaps a community of people could convince them to invest in FTTH for the entire street?

Agnew Road has FTTP (fibre to the premises), provided by BT. I think Zen are the only other company to currently offer this via the OpenReach network. If you put your address in the BT or Zen site you can tell if you have FTTP capability. If your street has it the BT site will say “You can get a speed guarantee of 100Mb with our new Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus”. Can’t comment on the service as we haven’t subscribed.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but last week OpenReach replaced an extremely old cabinet on the corner of Honor Oak Road and Manor Mount. All they did was rip up the old one and put the new one on top, with all the ancient old copper wires still in place inside a shiny new cabinet. I happened to pass as they were working on it, and I quipped something like “finally, that poor old cabinet has had its day”, and one of them replied something like “it’s all going to be replaced with fibre anyway”, so whether he meant “eventually” or “there are plans for an imminent upgrade”, I don’t know. But it’s something to look forward to!

Oh, and a few months ago they replaced all the OpenReach manholes along HOR, so it does seem like something is going to happen?

I’m at the south circular end and have BT Infinity installed.

You can check here

Or here

@dlf75 @jrothlis & @Nivag thank you for your replies.

I did see the exchange cabinet had been changed, but that was only to protect the old copper wires I’m afraid. There’s a lot going on that exchange as I see engineers come out to it almost every day of the week.

unfortunately the website thinkbroadband doesn’t show actual offerings at my postcode, it just shows the latest offers on the market and if you click it to go to the provider, they just simply offer the crappy Broadband service…

I was really hoping for a possibility to get FTTP, guess it’ll be a waiting game…

Yes it is a waiting game and sadly you can’t expect the info to come to you, you just need to keep checking. This is all within the gift of OpenReach. You used to be able to contact them and get detailed plans but no more. Try this link:

If you see an OpenReach engineer working locally you can ask them. They sometimes know.

Potentially exciting news; although I would prefer FTTP, G-Fast is better than no G-Fast (although it’s a shame that it will probably then delay the rollout of true FTTP). True happiness is never to be found. :slight_smile: would be great. There are lots of new BT markings on the ground at the Forest Hill end of Devonshire Road bear the cabinet, but I wouldn’t not even dare hope that they would relate to improvements :pray:t2:. uses time division duplexing so will support far greater upload ratios than ADSL2, which would be useful for me.