Fig & Pistachio Closing


Sorry to have to report that the lovely French cafe Fig and Pistachio at Dartmouth Road and Kirkdale is having to close permanently on 21 July. Isabelle, the owner, says the landlord wants the site for another purpose. She will not be opening elsewhere so we are losing a beloved local amenity. And Isabelle is great and deserved better.


That’s really sad to hear.


Very sad to hear. She is a lovely lady and my other half will be even sadder as she was a daily visitor.


I forgot to mention that Isabelle is selling all her equipment and fittings, so stop in if you want to buy anything.


Might be a good idea if you could share a list of what she is selling if you can.


Thanks, I will ask her. I don’t know what has gone already but I know from frequenting the cafe that she has an espresso machine, display fridge, tables, chairs, microwave, cups, saucers, glasses, plates…