Fight against knife crime

The other week, Lewisham Police took a number of large and scary knives off the streets. Tweeting their pics of them, inc this one.

They have been kind enough to post an update with the court results of this arrest.

Brace yourself, its serious!!

Don’t think that deserves a response :persevere:

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And there lies the root of the problem.

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And the Courts will probably award them compensation for a breach of human rights for the distress caused by the stop and search.


My blood is boiling.
So this is how a modern civilized society deals with something as serious as this.

I feel so sorry for the police, who’ve done a stellar job, but then the legal system goes and fails everyone - except the thug carrying the knife, who, in my book, should have been taken somewhere that’s very far away and very uncomfortable for a while.


Except to say a big THANK YOU to our police officers who are making every effort to make the place safer for us all.


You took the words right outta my mouth there @Anotherjohn

Would love to know the circumstances and reasoning behind the “sentence”.

The sentence is puny, and makes a mockery of police efforts. However, it’s another knife off the street at least.

Good to see the police standing up for Stop and Search as a policy (note the hashtag).

The trend (assuming it’s causation as opposed to correlation) is hard to ignore.

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The knife probably cost as much as the fine. The maximum penalty is 4 years so how on earth do you get away with 12 hours community service? Were they also carrying a bag of beef short ribs to claim butchery practice? The mind boggles


I’m certainly not criticising the Police, they can’t do right for doing wrong. They are doing a sterling job.

We all know what you meant @GillB , you we’re probably as stuck for words as most of us are.

But what kind of ‘JUSTICE’ is there when the police have endured a tougher sentence than the skanky prick who was carrying this knife? How many man hours have they put in to make damn sure that the evidence stacks up to try to secure the maximum penalty is handed down? And how did they feel when some shit-for-brains judge thinks it’s fair that this criminal’s penalty amounts to way less time than they’ve spent on bringing the prosecution? Not to mention the CPS, court time, legal aid defence lawyer (probably), and so on.

This country needs to get some laws that have got teeth in them if we’re to see any sort of deterrent to people stabbing each other to death every day; and perhaps then the police will get the simple reward they deserve, which is to be able to go sleep at night in the knowledge that the job they did that day served it’s purpose in protecting the community.


‘Skanky prick’, ‘shit-for-brains judge’…I find the level of anger and ill-informed prejudice shown in this thread quite frightening. The judge (more likely magistrate?) in this case will have heard the defendant and learned about his circumstances and the circumstances of the offence. We haven’t.

And our prisons are already overcrowded, and I believe we imprison more offenders than all or most other European countries. Is that what we want?


John’s words were a bit strong but I understand his anger.

I don’t find John’s words frightening.

I find it frightening that thugs are out on Lewisham streets carrying these:


Don’t worry, it’s not you or me they’re after.

Phew! So they’re just casually knifing other people then, that’s a relief!

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I can totally justify @Anotherjohns anger, that’s why I made my first comment. These Judges or Magistrates have made awful decisions like this many times before… They are up in their ivory towers, not fighting to gain control on the streets. As I’ve said before, the Police & Schools get the blame, but what about the parents getting involved & taking an interest in the children that are swaying towards gangs etc & asking for help, instead of blaming everybody else.


Indeed, they are - mostly their own peers. I find that sad rather than frightening (to me personally)

In response to @GillB, there is certainly a serious and apparently intractable problem about young people carrying and using knives. Those who commit knife crimes should obviously be apprehended, tried and punished. But I’m not sure that looking for someone to blame for the wider problem - parents, schools, judges, the police etc - is going to help solve it.

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I didn’t say blaming anybody was going to help, but that is what is happening.
The parents of the children who are getting stabbed or shot (& sometimes these are innocent children who were not involved in gangs etc) are pleading with the Police, Schools, saying what can be done? Well what can be done? Something has to be done, & parents along with the Police, youth workers, schools have got to work together, that is what I was saying instead of blaming the lack of youth clubs etc. I worked in a primary school for many years & saw a lot of children (white as well as black) looking for someone to take them under their wing & guide them. I really felt for these children ad did my colleagues & we did our best to help.


Sadly the frequency and size of the knives being taken off the streets seems to be increasing.

This was earlier this week

Last week (13yr old)

And a man walked into Nando’s in Catford last night armed with a cutlass !

The punishments MUST increase. No “first offence” sentencing discounts.

I agree with @robin.orton that context IS important. And without it, it is hard to get a clear picture of what occurred from a single tweet. Unless of course it is clear cut, and obviously planned for violence.

Such as this in April.

No excuse for that!

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And as we discuss… @SgtBiddle and PC Gillian are hard at work