Fill your boots - but stay classy!


I love Chom Chom in Beckenham. Free parking in the area after 6.30pm. Eat for hours dishes from all around the world and for the same price as a single course from a gourmet pub. The atmos is not a free-for-all stampede (like so many buffets can be). This is waiter service, linen table cloths, real flowers in vases and food that is as fresh as a daisy. If you eat like a sparrow though - it may be wasted on you.


What are drink prices like?


I’m not sure - I think they’re just the standard price of any restaurant.


This is now on my list of places to try.


Sounds great but it will have to wait until I have shed a few more pounds as it sounds like it might be disastrous for the waist line…


That tanker has sailed for me :grin: