Film crew on Kemble Road

Hello, we just walked down Kemble Road and there were a lot of film crew/ make up artists etc on Kemble road. Very exciting. I was too chicken to ask what was going on. Sorry guys!


Well someone’s going to have to go and find out now, because we want to know. It’s probably Location Location Location - they’re always in ‘trendy Forest Hill’ or whatever the latest tag is. Although it sounds bigger than that from how you described it.

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I’m sure I saw a person in ‘make up’ dressed as a witch… although I could be crazy.

There was a crew there a month or 2 back. I wonder if it was for the same thing.

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They do use Forest Hill for quite a few commercials - Lewisham council never bothers giving anyone notice so pretty hard to find details

Why on earth would Lewisham council give details of film crews in the borough ? they struggle to do things that they are put in power to do !!!

Because they have a duty to tell residents when they have decided to rent out and block a street. I’ve found out about them by the threatening notes on my car to tell me to move it from my rented spot

Think I saw a crew on Stanstead road as well today.

They are filming a Christmas ASDA advert. Look out for it over the holidays!!! :grin:


This is the first ad. They are filming another this week.


I don’t think we have an ASDA anywhere near us. Or have I missed something?

Well on the one hand it’s a national advert for Asda not SE23. That said clearly they had to film outside an actual Asda and yes I’ve never seen one anywhere near here so why choose to film the rest of it so far away?

Back in the day you would want an exotic location so the talent and crew could have a great time. With curbs in flying due to Covid they can’t do that. So you need a UK based exotic location. Forest Hill Baby!:sunglasses:

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Someone should collate videos of Kirsty on Location ^3 saying ‘fashionable Forest Hill’ or ‘trendy Forest Hill’ or whatever - she loves it here!


That she does

Perhaps we could put one of those HOLLYWOOD type signs e.g. FOREST HILL on Horniman Hill to show that we are the centre of filming in London!


Now there’s an idea for the next Crowd Fundraiser! Up next to the Bandstand.

There’s one in Lewisham and one in Rye Lane but they’re both quite small stores. You have to go the Old Kent Road for a larger one!

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They’ve been here two days in a row. Can’t believe it takes them so long!

I remember watching an episode of Poirot being filmed. It involved him and his sidekick driving up to a pub door and getting out.

It took them 2 days to do. Thing is, they were not actually driving the car, it was being pushed!

The pushers were more than a bit hacked off.