Film Crew on Perry Vale



Any idea what is being filmed in one of the Christmas Houses? Walked past around 2.30


they told me it is a fashion shoot


Personally, I couldn’t give a flying tops whatvit is. I’m utterly furious by such obstruction compromising the safety of others. I’m registered Deafblind and the whole set up is a death trap for someone like me. It’s sgsinst the law to park in a pavement, yet they do do with no thoughts or consideration for people who may have mobility issues or parents with prams.


I’m not sure the film crew are the worst problem. They at least seem well staffed and friendly and don’t completely block the path, though the catering (?) truck does protrude a bit.

Worst I would think are the fly tip with the bed base blocking the pavement, and also the dug out part just a little further up where it looks like a crossover is being built with barriers forcing pedestrians into the road. Both of these obstacles appeared before the film crew.


It’s a fashion shoot. I asked the fellas outside the house this morning on the way to work because they’re parked outside a house being refurbished and I thought they were there for Grand Designs.


The bed is also the bane of my life. However, I have to disagree with you regarding the film crew. Trust me, as a person trying to navigate their way through with their Guide Dog in s tight space with over hanging branches, it’s not s pleasant experience. It’s agsinst the law to park on a a pavement in Lonfon - however, aim told that the council will be paid handsomely for the inconvenience. I agree that the security staff are very frienfly. However, they were only brought in following a visit from the police because someone lodged a complaint.