Final phase of London Bridge railway station opens



Except the top concourse still has the hoarding in place, so I’m not sure “fully open” (as reported on a couple of news sites this morning) is accurate.


Saw this just after I walked the long way round. Tooley Street entrances look good.


Whoever spent 10 years rebuilding a station (much of it was shut while Southwark Towers was demolished and the Shard was built, remember, all before the ‘official’ rebuild started) and didn’t include both up and down escalators from a mammoth concourse onto platforms isn’t exactly a genius. And whoever put that departure board by the foot of the escalator/stairs up to P11/12 that ensures that you miss your train because you’re fighting through people waiting to see when theirs is going to arrive was a downright idiot. Passengers at the station have been treated appallingly throughout, with no clue as to which exit is going to be open from one day to the next. ‘It’ll be nice when it’s finished’, we heard constantly. It isn’t, really.