Financial Advisor in the Area



Dear all
Can anybody recommend a good, unbiased Financial Advisor in the area?
Many thanks

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Hello IslandGirl.
What area of finances do you want help with?


Hi Anotherjohn
Mortgages and retirement planning
Thank you


I can’t tell you what a minefield both of those are. Er, in fact I can!
I know, because I have been studying both for the past few months.
I will happily meet you or have a chat over the phone to give you some pointers.


I do know of a really good mortgage lady who runs a business locally don’t think she does the other service though…


I’ve an outstanding mortgage advisor. Not local but they are hard to find. Now used them for 3 mortgages.


Many thanks, I may take you up on that offer


Hi Foresthillnick, could you PM me the details? Many thanks


Hi Starman, could you PM me the details? Many thanks


London and country for mortgage


The implications of a mortgage and retirement planning should be considered together as one could benefit the other.


From the other topic I started (apologies for starting a duplicate)

Hi all

Does anyone know a good Pensions adviser in the area? As a result of a transfer into a new legal entity at work, we have had to create a new Group Pension Plan and I would like some advice as to whether it’s best to leave my existing pot (18 years of contributions) as is, or transfer it into the new one. And I know NOTHING about pensions/finance…


Another call for recommendations for a good localish independent financial adviser. Mainly for pension planning and a bit of modest investment. Anyone?


You need to be careful when moving a pension pot. Some financial advisors receive a payment from the new pension provider for advising you to move.


That’s not what we’re intending to do.