Financial Advisor in the Area

Dear all
Can anybody recommend a good, unbiased Financial Advisor in the area?
Many thanks

Hello IslandGirl.
What area of finances do you want help with?

Hi Anotherjohn
Mortgages and retirement planning
Thank you

I can’t tell you what a minefield both of those are. Er, in fact I can!
I know, because I have been studying both for the past few months.
I will happily meet you or have a chat over the phone to give you some pointers.


I do know of a really good mortgage lady who runs a business locally don’t think she does the other service though…

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I’ve an outstanding mortgage advisor. Not local but they are hard to find. Now used them for 3 mortgages.

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Many thanks, I may take you up on that offer

Hi Foresthillnick, could you PM me the details? Many thanks

Hi Starman, could you PM me the details? Many thanks

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London and country for mortgage

The implications of a mortgage and retirement planning should be considered together as one could benefit the other.

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From the other topic I started (apologies for starting a duplicate)

Hi all

Does anyone know a good Pensions adviser in the area? As a result of a transfer into a new legal entity at work, we have had to create a new Group Pension Plan and I would like some advice as to whether it’s best to leave my existing pot (18 years of contributions) as is, or transfer it into the new one. And I know NOTHING about pensions/finance…

Another call for recommendations for a good localish independent financial adviser. Mainly for pension planning and a bit of modest investment. Anyone?

You need to be careful when moving a pension pot. Some financial advisors receive a payment from the new pension provider for advising you to move.

That’s not what we’re intending to do.