Find Mr Mooney, the threadbare cat, a retirement home

Can anyone offer this friendly, battered up, old teddy bear a home?

I’m a local and volunteer at Celia Hammond and I’d love to find this lovely old guy a comfortable loving home where he can enjoy his retirement.

Mr Mooney is an elderly, VERY affectionate, slightly stiff and slightly threadbare ex-stray. He loves strokes and treats! He’s got awesome green eyes and his pitch black fur is now peppered with grey. Threadbare is a good word for this elderly gentleman, as he has a few scars and his tail is a little patchy. He’s a little stiff in the back legs from his life on the streets, but his stray days are well and truly behind him. All he wants now is a safe, cosy home, lots of ear rubs and someone to take care of him in his old age.

He’s a truly lovely old guy, so if you think you can offer him a home, please call and ask to meet Mr Mooney:
Celia Hammond Lewisham on: 0208 694 6545
or email:

It would be such a good thing to do, and if you can help, you’re awesome!


I’ll personally cover 2 months of food and treats if you can give Mr Mooney his retirement home. PM me if you are his new family.


What a dear old man. Hope he gets his forever home.


Hi Bryan…is Mr Mooney still looking for an owner?


Hi Ems, Yes. If you’d like to meet him, Celia Hammond Lewisham do meet and greets every Sat & Sun 1pm-5pm. There’s been a lovely amount of interest in rehoming him, but that doesn’t mean a home, so I’m sure he’ll still be there this weekend. You’ll also get to meet some other magnificent cats looking for homes.


Please do keep us updated as to whether Mr Mooney finds a new human to own.


Hi Nick
He’s undergoing some treatment right now for his creaky old joints, so he’s hopefully very temporarily off the immediate rehome list, but he’s receiving visitors and plenty of treats!
I will definitely keep you all updated on progress and his choice of new human pal!

If it’s ok with everyone, and the moderators, I’d like to periodically highlight some of the other long term and harder to home cats to try to get them homes. It’s kitten season and CHAT have lots of families, but some of the slightly older or wonky cats are just fantastic and they are often overlooked.

BUT, I’ll update you on the awesome Mr Mooney as soon as I have any updates.

In the meantime, if anyone fancies, you can send him, and the others a treat thru the donations page:



Hi @bcam, firstly, thanks for sharing and for the work you do :+1:

@moderators agreed you’re welcome to post more of these highlights from the Celia Hammond centre. We’d just ask that you limit to one new topic per week, but feel free to update topics and reply to members as much as you like, anytime.

Fingers crossed our members can find these lovely cats some forever homes.