Fireworks in the middle of the night (Saturday)

Anyone else get woken up? Second lot was around 2.50am

Yep…I heard some at around 2.20am but couldn’t make out where they were coming from. I wasn’t happy!

Well at least now I know I wasn’t imagining it!! Odd though to be letting off fireworks at gone 2am!

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Yes I was also woken up by them. Sounded very close by but hard to judge as the sound carries from afar where I live. Really inconsiderate given the time.

I was woken by them twice from a deep sleep. I’m on upper Kirkdale.

Lots of comments on Next Door regarding this.

Heard them in honor oak…

That’s quite a spread - I’m in the Woolstone road area. I suppose maybe they were in the middle of forest hill so everyone around the area heard!

I’m not on Nextdoor - was there any explanation or just more puzzled people like us?

We didn’t hear them but overheard some people talking about the fireworks at Blythe Hill Fields festival this afternoon - apparently it was a large house party. Didn’t hear the location.

It was round Perry Rise. The fireworks weren’t the end of the party - they were still going at 8am this morning.

That sounds pretty grim for people nearby.

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It certainly woke me up twice and I now know why I heard loud music in the morning on Sunday.

I know everyone has had a bad 18 months and people want to kick back and have fun. I totally understand that - let’s face it, I’d be having fun too if we hadn’t just had a family bereavement. but it would be nice if they could have fun with slightly less impact on those around them.

I just hope it was a one off!


I definitely heard them. Taymount Rise. Seems the noise managed to spread far and wide!

I hear them going off quite regularly. Not usually as late/early as this, but certainly after 11pm.

Two lots of particularly noisy fireworks going off tonight – first just after midnight then again just before 1:00 a.m. Along with some fairly loud music, given the time of night. I don’t want to be a fun sponge, but I would quite like to get some sleep.

I’m up in Kirkdale and these 2 sets of fireworks sounded like they were in different places, the first towards forest hill and the other louder one near Crystal Palace way.

Music is still going super loud - annoying since it’s nearly 2am! We’re near Mayow Park area and hear the fireworks every Saturday, but this is the first time it’s been accompanied by such loud music, too.

Yes these latest fireworks woke me on upper Kirkdale too. This time they were accompanied by flashes, which lit up the room and they sounded a lot closer.

But if they were heard over a wide area and others heard music (which I didn’t at that time) I wonder if it was something to do with the Wireless festival? We’d had the bass blaring out from that all day, but only audible at the back of our pretty solid Victorian house and then only with the windows open. Couldn’t sit in the garden though. Our bedroom is at the front, so we didn’t hear the musak from there… thank goodness.

I don’t know why fireworks nowadays have to have such loud anti social “look at me, I’ve having such fun” bangs.

Wireless Festival was done by 9.30pm so the post midnight fireworks would be nothing to do with them.


My cousin, who lives in Shortlands (quite near Kelsey Park/ Bromley), said the tennis club there had fireworks into the night. Might be in relation to the US Open.