Flooded pavements

Anyone else have impassable pavements today due to the rain fall and blocked drains?

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Fortuitously a gully sucker visited Perry Hill only this week and cleaned out some gullies.

I had commented to the BH that we had not seen one for a long time - maybe for as long as over a year - perhaps two.

Mechanised road sweeper visits also seem to be very rare.

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Strangely the gully suckers were out the other week on CR too, clearly to little effect!
Already reported on Fix My Street, so will follow up again.

I noticed a lot of it this morning. I wonder if the late snow and sudden thaws have contributed to the drains getting clogged up.

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Yup, there has certainly been a lot of gunk in the gutters of late, especially after the snow. Slippery as heck, not great for cycling. They need both the sweepers and suckers out in certain places asap.

Get the impression this is all contracted work these days though, so a lot less of it done.

There’s a load of muck on our road due to a burst pipe which flooded the street and has left behind a thick layer of mud. A guy came with a vehicle to clean it up, but said he couldn’t do it due to all the parked cars. It’s annoying as it gets all over your shoes and into the house and I imagine has not helped the drains either.

However even prior to this the drains were often blocked and on a rainy day caused big puddles to form. I think it’s a combination of drain holes not being cleared, and people paving their driveways so putting more pressure on the wastewater system.

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Yup parked cars are always going to cause an issue. But like other services like tree trimming etc, you would think they would put a sign and some cones out a day or two before. Maybe?

I agree with the water main bit too. Everywhere is the same. If they have had a busted main, the gutters are choked with debris. Not just in Lewisham either.

Thankfully, a quick FMS and a tweet to Lewisham, and a work order has been raised. Meanwhile TfL are on the case of the drain at the end of Sunderland Rd on the South Circ.

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