Flooding on road

There is a very large puddle/pool of water on our street and its blocking the pavement on one side. I suspect its from leaves blocking the drains. Is this something to report to the council or to Thames water?

Is this leak on London Road?

Hi, no its on Waldenshaw.

I was out for an hour with a couple of guys from the council pulling leaves out of the drains by hand. The puddle on the North side was impossible to clear. Couldn’t find the drain because of all the parked cars. They’re going to send in a pumping truck hopefully (no idea when) so I will report it on fixmystreet too.

I’m hoping they turned off the mains wherever the leak was up the hill.


I used to go out to that drain with my rake and clear the leaves.


Thanks for the update and your drain clearing efforts. My OH tried to do the same late last night but it didn’t help much.


We also stuck a bin near the drain needing cleaning so when the council eventually turned up they had access to it.

Just been out to have another go - it has subsided a bit - I found the drain on the North side and removed the leaves but the whole thing is full of mud and needs pumping out. I will put something on fixmystreet as I said earlier. It seems to be draining slowly nevertheless but we need it fixed properly

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I’d hedge your bets and log it on Love Clean Streets as well as that’s the app/website that is promoted on the council’s website!


Good idea - I’ve done both

The categories are identical, so I suspect they share everything anyway, but two is better than one.

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Thank you very much. We saw you out earlier but couldn’t join because of work calls. It does look much better now!

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I think it’s draining slowly, but it’s still really blocked. Hopefully they’ll come and pump it out properly soon.