Flooding Problem



Hello, I wonder if there was history of flooding happened in Forest Hill SE23 3EU


Many years ago the rain was so heavy that drains in Stanstead Road popped open.

I understand that Thames Water has installed an additional surface water sewer since then.


Did it come up in the searches for a property?


FYI SE23 3EU is Pearcefield Avenue


I lived round the corner for 16 years and never saw flooding there. However, have a look at The Environment Agency website and they have a postcode flood checker. It saved us a fortune when our insurer decided we lived in a flood risk area, we don’t.


Thanks everyone.

Yeah, while the flood-map-for-planning website does not the risk of flooding. Unfortunately, it is high risk from surface water flooding :frowning_face:

I’ll get some insurance quotes later.


I would knock on some doors locally and ask if they have had flood issues.


Not sure insurers would take that into account. It’s a numbers game, not common sense :frowning:


Mine did when I asked them if they were insuring by postcode or my house. I also pointed out that flooding doesn’t tend to happen much on a hill. The insurer then requoted at a much more realistic level. It was that or go elsewhere where the insurer looked at my exact location and not just the borough.


I’m really glad that you ‘won’ in this case.

I’ve heard that postcode excuse too when challenging insurers as to why the premium had jumped up upon renewal. Generally I find quoting premiums found from those meerkat based sites usually makes for a good discount, and if it doesn’t I’m happy to follow through and change insurer even thought it annoys me to have to do so every few years.


Many years ago Ladywell Rec used to flood and adjoining houses got flooded. A have a friend who can remember seeing a policeman rowing a boat along Bromley Road! The GLC (abolished many years ago) installed a flood-prevention scheme through the Rec, which should prevent this happening again.

I cannot see how you could get anything other than localised flooding in a valley on a slope. I mean where roads slope into a valley and the drains cannot cope with the rainfall.