Fly tipper seen on Sydenham Rise

Hey!! So unsure what to do here?
Looking for advice.
Yesterday afternoon/evening I caught someone dumping there rubbish out their van on Sydenham Rise. I manage to take a clear photo of vans registration, however I did then try catch them by videoing him, however they caught on and speeeded down the hill, I managed to get behind him and he then went thru red lights as he knew I saw him.
Not sure if or where to report?
Any advice will be fab!!

Thank you :blush:


Report it to Lewisham environment enforcement.


And the police if they went through a red light.


Flytipping is illegal so do report to the police as well as the red light.
Gosh I hate the cretins that fly tip, well done for catching them and managing to get details!


Thanks for posting @Rachel2 are you able to share details or images of the van on here, in addition to reporting to police and council? I’m thinking that if these people are building or garden contractors they might be employed locally and duping homeowners into thinking they’re disposing of their waste properly. We can all be on the look out for them.


Very well done Rachel Yes come on let’s see it !

And do please make sure you keep us abreast of how both reports are dealt with. I think a lot of us here would be most interested to hear how both the police and LA deal with this.


Collecting the evidence is definitely worthwhile as Lewisham will do something. If you ever see some fly-tipping, look for things like envelopes, correspondence or mailshots with an address, which photograph and send to Lewisham. It’s an offence to use an unlicensed person to dispose of rubbish so the resident of the originating premises can also be pursued.

A word of caution, however. This is quite a large scale criminal activity involving some far from pleasant people. It isn’t wise to engage with them.


My parents have a farm and they get fly tipped all the time. Problem is if it’s on your land you have to fork the bill! But once or twice they’ve been able to trace the rubbish back to someone having renovations and their builders have been fined. It’s always been the same contractor both times.


That’s terrible, sorry to hear this. Clearly the fine isn’t enough of a deterrent if the same contractor did it again :frowning:

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We had fly tipping issues for a while after Lewisham stopped the recycling bins at the back of Sainsbury’s. People started leaving stuff to pile up, including cardboard boxes with their address on. I had to report it a couple of times: I hope they followed up with whoever is responsible.

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Thanks Rachel - has been going for a very long time in Sydenham Rise. Possibily getting even worse than it had been pre-lockdown. Clearly the Council struggles to deal with the issue who at best are reactive to fly tipping, but only once residents notify them rather than than staff pro-actively patrolling borough streets. Further down the street we have had to live for nearly 2 weeks with a collection of used doors thrown up against the fence with the Triangal Park. It is still there as I write this post…


Maybe if we had a pavement on that side of the road it might deter them. It would certainly make it safer for bus stop users.

Or “return to sender”. I particularly enjoyed this story …


Hi Rachel - was wondering if you had decided to report the details to council and also Police yet? If, so, any feedback yet from the respective authorities. If you have not reported it yet, would you consider releasing details in confidence so that as a resident of Sydenham Rise, I could report it. Since your original posting I am afraid that fly tipping has continued along the road with more being dumped yesterday - this time garden waste. I have reported it to council via FixMyStreet app. Thanks again for raising the issues with us all:) doug

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Hey all.

Thank you all for your advice.

I must admit I’m absolutely rubbish on computers/technology. And I found this in my junk email.
I’m unsure if I’m replaying to the whole chat or one person? That’s how bad I am!

Yes definitely will report it and happy to send you the registration number and the little video clip I got which is is not very clear :cry:

I wished I confronted him but just wanted to be sure in what I was seeing.

Will do it on Monday.

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Sorry for late reply. Thank you and will do

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This van had a sliding door on the pavement side. I could see him pulling it out!!

Hi @Rachel2 thanks for sharing. I’m sure we’ll all be on the lookout.

The van appears to be taxed and insured so it should be easy for the authorities to trace.

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