Fly tipping on Church Vale

The space between the old tree and the school fence has become a trash pile, with one idiot even leaving a hoover there. I can’t belive people treat their community with such contempt and apparently enjoy living in a sewer. Perhaps the council could put a bin there, give us more bins or else clear up the mess. Clearly all if that would be too much to ask.


I see fly tipping happening a lot around the area. It is lazy and disgusting. Use a bin or call up the council or take some stuff to charity shop. Find ways to organise unwanted clutter. Most homes don’t want a messy home but also no one wants to see a messy outdoor life.


I live in the flats on Church Vale and we have a huge problem with fly tipping, we have even witnessed cars pulling up and getting rubbish out to leave around the bins, as well as furniture and gardening waste. There are also wooden pallets regularly dumped at the entrance to the block.

If you can safely take a picture of those cars please do. The council love the opportunity to prosecute with proof.

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