Flying ant day?

There have been flying ants around their nests over the last few days, but I didn’t see a swarm.

Some large female ants were crawling along the pavement today, which usually means the mating is done. Possibly they swarmed in the early hours of the morning and no one was around to see it?

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All been pinged by track and trace


I haven’t seen loads this year either. There were quite a few ants (not flying ones) & maggots under our black bin last week when I pulled it out to empty. I swept them all up & put them in the garden bin!

I had this experience as well. Mentioned it to a friend who said that - if they weren’t wriggling - the ‘maggots’ were quite possibly ant eggs - and that I (and therefore possibly also your good self) may have inadvertently destroyed a potential flying ant outbreak in our immediate area…

A few of them were wriggling, but flying ants or not, I just wanted them gone!
The one good thing about having the food bin now is that I don’t get maggots in the black bin. That used to freak me out! I used to empty the whole bin into one black bag & take it over to the street bin over the road.