Food bank for baby formula, nappies etc

Hi, is anyone aware of a food bank type place near Honor Oak Park that needs nappies, baby formula and clothes? I have some I’d like to get rid of. I think there’s one near Peckham Park but I emailed them a while ago and got no response. Thanks.


Yes, the Lewisham Foodbank is on 118 Malham Road close to HOP.

They would be happy to get nappies, maybe formula, probably not clothes. They’re open for donations 9-5 weekdays. You can ping them on Twitter or Instagram, or email them if you have questions.

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This isn’t HOP, but not too far away Lewisham Donation Hub were listing nappies as something they were looking for today:

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Constable & Toop the funeral directors on Honor Oak Park take donations for the foodbank in Malham Road if that is nearer.

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