Food stalls for the DR Festival

Although there are a number of restaurants on Dartmouth Road, if we are having a festival it would make sense to increase food availability by inviting Van Dough, Route66, and other stalls to join the festival, but we would need a way to get them on site. The logistics could be complicated to sort out in advance but ot should be possible on the day.

Any other suggestions for food stalls and a maximum number?

I wonder if pop-ups like @Saigon_Streat, @FowlMouths and @Rati would be interested in this? I’ve added them to the DR_Festival group so they can see this.

FYI this is the original idea, for those who’ve not been following that topic.


We should be able to arrange tables and chairs from Holy Trinity chuch which can be used for al fresco dining (depending on the weather). And Devonshire Road Nature Reserve has some large gazebos to protect if there is bad weather (and Forest Hill Society has some smaller gazebos).

We could do a pop up food place possibly at V22 community space as there’s a small kitchen there, then we wouldn’t have to worry about any vehicles.

Love the sound of this. Tganks for suggesting us Chris. Need to read tbe thread properly for dates etch but if I’m free & can sort the logistics (getting a stall & equipment) we’d love to join!


Ooh sounds good. When would it be just to check if I can take day offs at work etc.

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