Footballers wanted

Hi all, Cllr Gibbons here,

I have organised an 11-a-side charitable football match in my effort to raise money for 999 Club homelessness charity along with Mayor Damien Egan.

The match will be taking place at St Dunstan’s Jubilee Ground in Catford on Sunday 8th March at 1pm. Cllr Dromey, Cllr Bourne and Cllr Bonavia will also be making an appearance on the field.

The standard will be fairly mixed! But most of the signed-up players do play football fairly regularly. However, you certainly don’t need to be a South London Pele to join in (I can personally attest to this!).

Each player will be asked to contribute £15 (£5 for the pitch hire and £10 mandatory donation)

We are still in need of a few extra players, so if you fancy playing, please send me a direct message on here.

Many thanks,



Hi, are you still looking for players? If so how many?

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Hi Billy, we’ve definitely got enough players for the game to go ahead now but if you’re keen, we can certainly fit in room for another player or two.

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Thanks Councilor Gibbons. We have three of us keen to play. If you think we’ll get a game we’d love to turn up.

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Yeah we’ve had a drop out so yes, come and join us!

Ok great, let me check with my friends of they’ve not made any plans elsewhere.

Is it on grass or artificial? And what format, 11 a side, 7s or 5s?

Hi Councillor Gibbons,

Free to play if you can let us know what surface we’re playing on and meeting time.

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It’ll be 11-a-side on grass, so after the recent weather bring some sturdy boots! 90 minutes, rolling subs. Bring a red shirt and a blue shirt.

Meet by pitch 1 at the Catford Jubilee ground at 1pm. Kick off at 1.30pm.

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Great, see you there


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