For sale: £25 Robin Hille mid-century chairs (suitable for outside and inside)

A timeless classic of British furniture design. Black body with black legs. 6 available. £25 price is for one.

Perfect for dining, office, living room and even outdoors (they are wipe clean and waterproof).

We are only selling them because we got blue ones instead!

Collection only on Dartmouth Road, SE26.

Any questions, please ask away.

I’m interested, when do you need them collected by?

Ideally by the end of the weekend, but if that’s not possible it’s not too much of a problem.

How many are you interested in?

I’ll take all 6 please and will try tomorrow, can I let you know in the morning Rosa? It all depends if I need to take my son to cricket …

Sure! We’ll be out 11am to 3pm but otherwise anytime is grand. Thanks, Julie!

Hi Julie,

Hope you’ve had a good (not too damp) day. Let me know when you can if you’re still interested in the chairs.


Omg, still over in Battersea waiting for this cricket match to finish,… I do want the chairs but is it possible to collect them tomorrow please not sure what time I’ll get back today so sorry. Could I have the address too maybe send me a pm. Thank you Rosa

I’ve created a direct message between you both.

Thank you

Is it still available?

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