Foraging / Wild herbs & Plants in SE23?

Hello everyone,

I have recently move to Forest Hill from North East London. I am wondering if anyone can recommend an area where wild plants / herbs grow in abundance? I have just started a plant medicine class and am keen to get to know the local area .

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know about herbs but you could investigate along the River Pool between Bell Green and Catford (certainly lots of bramble berries in summer). Maybe also One Tree Hill at Honor Oak Park.


Thank you! Will check them out!

Hi Aisling - I just moved here as well, from Canada, and am having to learn what are the plant equivalents or substitutes here for things I typically use. I’d love to chat with you about this, sometime?

Hi Carolyn,

yes of course. Please feel free to send me an email on my gmail address. Also, you should check out :

I think his next walk in Dulwich is on in May which I am definitely going to go to!

Whispering Earth is also a great website and the woodland trust site is good too!

Sydenham Hill Forest gets loads of wild garlic in early spring. I’m never sure if I can pick it or not… so haven’t.

Thanks. I will go on that walk too. I’m off to Vancouver for a couple of weeks but will email you when I return, and hope to maybe get together. Cheers.

As a rule you are not allow to forage or pick any plants from land including streets without the land owners permission that also includes blackberry as a rule as it is class as theft. Please DO NOT pick any Wild Garlic (Ramsons) from any of the local nature reserves so allowing other residents to also enjoy them.


Hi everyone, any tips on where to find wild garlic in SE23 and the surrounding areas? Thank you

Would be a shame to miss out on this so would really appreciate any tips locally on where to find wild garlic. Thanks