Forest Hill Boys

Hi, I was wondering if any parents/carers of boys attending Forest Hill Boys would be able to share if they believe their sons are happy at this school and are confident that they are receiving a good level of education. I know the school has gone through a lot of change lately and the Headmaster and staff are working on improving the school. So any feedback would be appreciated - including how safe and supported pupils feel. Thank you!

Two boys in Year 9 and 7. Both happy, both learning, both succeeding, both had great opportunities so far. Is it the best school in the world? No but which school is. It is making improvements which take time. Pastoral care is good and teaching is improving year on year. It is a community school which doesn’t select pupils but works with the students they get. Many boys take vocational qualifications and do well, which are not measured in the league tables. It is our local school and our boys are doing well there, but not everyone agrees, and the trouble is it seems negative opinions stick more than the positive ones!


My son has always wanted to go there since primary school, he is now in year 8 and doing well he enjoys it very much. I can see the efforts they are making and feel the head has shown real commitment to get through the difficult times it has experienced. I agree with the previous comment as in no school is perfect.


Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback and it’s great to hear that your boys are doing well. It’s absolutely true, no school is perfect - this is a school I’m considering for my son so feel reassured.

Thank you, so glad to hear that your son is enjoys it and is doing well. Really appreciate your feedback.

Our son is in year 9. He’s doing well academically, he walks to school in 20 minutes and he’s in a proper south London comp so usually comes home with a story or two to tell (the full truth of which I sometimes doubt).

Lovely all embracing ethos, fair amount of naughtiness and one or two duds aside the teachers ooze commitment and are excellent - several ex-oxbridge.

We visited the other local schools and considered sending him out to the Kent /Surrey grammars but in the end we chose FHS. We were worried a couple of years ago when some good teachers left because they didn’t support the new head teacher’s attempts to clean up the financial mess allegedly left by his predecessor. They are still recovering a bit from this I think but the situation seems much better and we are very happy with our choice of school for our son.

Most importantly, is he is very happy going there every morning.


Thank you for your reply - I really appreciate your honest feedback and great to hear your son is happy. I feel encouraged by the responses received on this thread. Thank you!