Forest Hill Christmas Cards?


I know it’s not even September yet so apologies in advance for mentioning the C word this early. Does anyone know if any local artists or shops produce or carry Christmas cards featuring Forest Hill either in pictorial or written form? I know Lewisham produced one last year but it was beyond tacky (and not in a good way). If I was in any way artistic, I’d make my own but my creativity doesn’t stretch much past pasting pictures into emails.


Maybe it would be a good fundraiser for the library if they produced Christmas cards, perhaps with a seasonally modified version of the gorgeous print they have of the building?

Having said that, I barely send any Christmas cards anymore. It used to be an afternoon’s work to write them all.


Great idea. @Pauline how are your artistic skills?


Not too great but not bad either.

One to check out Mr xx


Only just noticed this - are you still looking for a local themed Christmas card?


Hi there… yes, I am.


There was some pretty cool looking new Forest Hill themed items at Bunka. Not sure that included a Christmas card. But there was a birthday card and mug.


I take photos of toys and handmade figures in real settings like these - I’ve been thinking of doing some pictures of Forest Hill locations so I’d be interested to hear of what you have in mind.


Not entirely sure that a Christmas card depicting Santa’s sleigh being pulled through the night’s sky by eight uninsured mopeds will induce much yuletide joy…


Prints, mugs, clothing, beer etc.


This took 30 seconds to create on Moonpig.


D’oh… didn’t even think of Moonpig… now to find some HQ images of Forest Hill…


And job done… have gone for a slightly tacky look… Capture


My “friends” who decided to send me the “Happy Christmas from Lewisham” uber tack-fest last year are definitely getting one of these…

#15 :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Expecting a Christmas Card from you then Paul xx


Shit. Order more cards Paul.