Forest Hill dubbed "the new nappy valley"




Javaid needs to swot up on his physical geography.


Can’t they come up with a new name for a place where lots of people with young children aspire to move to?

Canonbie Road must be the highest point so far dubbed Nappy Valley.


Pampers Peak?
(other nappy brands are available)


Huggies Hill.

The design for the railway underpass woudn’t need to change significantly.


Will more babies bring more complaints?


Nobody in Forest Hill has ever complained about children or their unruly parents:


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Not quite @ChrisBeach - seems to me to be accessible to non-verified members.


Oh for Gods sake, why don’t these people who are complaining try knocking on their neighbours door & see if there is something they can do to help. Eviction is very harsh.


That’s true - those members who’ve attained trust-level-3 will have access to the #lounge too. You’re a rare breed - it takes a lot to get to TL3.

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