Forest Hill Food Assembly


Hope this is not too cheeky posting this, but just wanted everyone to know we will be re-opening FH Food Assembly this Thursday 11th August for collection next Thursday 18th @TheArchieParker 6-7.30pm.

We’re changing the time to suit people that may be working up town to make collections & also I don’t close till 6pm.

If it doesn’t suit all you can always arrange to pick up from us from 5.30pm on the day if you let us know & also the following day if it suits best as we have fridges etc between us, so can keep it overnight if it’s more suitable for locals.

Due to @starman comment we will have a decent amount of different breads being delivered on the day from Blackbird Bakery which can be bought there and then until we decide on a bakery that suits most locals needs & tastes.

Hopefully some of you can come & chat to us about this on the 18th at collection!

We want to know what you all want us to stock, so come and tell us!

You can join FH Food Assembly here so you get our email this Thursday with the produce we have chosen for our first assembly, but we are willing to add what locals want if you just tell us :slight_smile:


What else does Forest Hill need? [2016]

Hi Pauline. I have to admit i have no idea what a food assembly is. Can you tell me more?


I know some of you like beer on here!

So we will have this for you!

@starman you order from us online & the producers drop the goods to us on Thursdays for you to pick up.

Fruit, veg, meat, craft Beer, bread etc etc.

Join the link & you’ll get an email on Thursday with produce we have selected Jason @starman xx


Thanks Pauline. I understood the process. I was more interested in the organisation. I found the website a little thin on background. For instance, is this run as a not-for-profit or on a charitable basis?

I already use a service which delivers groceries to me from small and local (to SE London) independent shops. And I like to use the farmers’ market at the Hornimann along with visits to local FH and area shops like the Butchery or William Rose for meats. So I guess I am wondering what the additional benefits would be to using the Food Assembly.

Regardless, I’ve signed up and am looking forward to the email tomorrow. Best of luck!


Sounds great - I’ve signed up. Will I get an email when it’s ready for me to order?


Cheers Jason & Joel :slight_smile:

Joel, you’ll get an email tomorrow.

Jason, I totally agree the website is not easy to navigate at all, when we decided to take on the hosting of this it was not easy for us to get our heads around it & we’re still learning as we go along. We’re going to an event next week so this will be a good opportunity for us to delve in more.

We wanted to get it back up and running as soon as possible, the previous hosts were great but had to give it up due to new work & family commitments.

For the first assembly we have stuck with the existing producers we thought would be best, but we have contacted a few more to say we may be interested in adding them. Which is why we would love feedback on what locals want.

I’ve also sent a FHTA email to our google group to say we would like to add anyone that fits into this if they want so locals can do a one stop pick up. Most shops are closed by 6pm so this would make sense. We will have to work out a way how to do this, but I’m sure we’ll be able too one way or another.

Also just for now until we decide on the best bakery to use we will have a decent selection of breads from Blackbird Bakery being delivered on the day to buy there & then.


Our first FH Food Assembly has gone live today!

All orders have to be submitted by midnight on Tuesday!

Cheers all for the support, we really appreciate it while we are finding our feet with this & delivering what you all want from us in the future :slight_smile:


If anyone is ordering from the FH Food Assembly please place your order by 8pm tomorrow evening (Tues 16th) for pick up on Thursday evening :slight_smile:


Will have to wait another week to try. Forgot we’re at theatre on Thursday.


No worries Jason, hope you guys have fun at the theatre :slight_smile:

Also in the future if anyone want to pick up on the Friday daytime we can keep the produce overnight in our fridges :slight_smile:


Hey All

if anyone else wants to place an order you can do until 11pm tonight!

I’ll wait up before sending to the producers.

We have targets to reach with each producer before they will deliver all produce.

We’ve managed to hit most which I’m chuffed about in our first week doing this.

But we need around another £100 worth of orders from Marsh Producers ordered to deliver everything that locals have asked for & a lot has been ordered from here so far.

We don’t want to let anyone down, so if anyone places some orders that would be great & we’ll happily top up on the last few products to make sure everyone gets what they ordered.



We’ve now added a fishmonger & baker to the food assembly :slight_smile:

ETA I’ve spoken to Paz of today (as seen on Dragons Den & sold at Selfridges food hall etc) as they have their kitchen which is not open to the public behindish my shop & we’ll be looking to see if we can add them as a new producer #FingersCrossed because these are totally amazing!


Hey Jason @starman after your email about bulk veggies via FHFA, they will get back to me on a wholesale price for you, hope this is good for you & I’ll forward as soon as I get it.

Think they are looking at wholesale for this to be delivered via us so if that’s the case and it works out maybe just a kick back donation for the library if suits :slight_smile:


Had the mussels today from the assembly and they were fab! Chicken bones made lovely stick and wld urge anyone to join the Forrest hill food assembly


Just placed my first FHFA order and can’t wait to try all the delicious produce. Hope someone starts selling chicken livers soon, they’re my absolute favourite!


Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the produce :slight_smile: Also as I met you last week I can verify your account so will do in a mo.

@Cazimo Cheers, I’ll see you on Thursday :slight_smile:


I cooked moules mariners with the mussels last week and they were to die for!

Would love your chicken soup recipe if you want to share :slight_smile:


So lovely to meet you tonight @Pauline and Zoe, and huge thanks to you both for doing such a wonderful job with the @FHFoodAssembly I’ve already eaten a few of the things I’ve ordered and I can’t tell you how nice it is to have potatoes that actually taste like potatoes! The long aubergines are delicious too

Thank you also to the lovely lady who gave me a carrier bag because I forgot mine! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what’s available next week


Thanks Caz, sorry for giving you a hug when I met you face to face tonight.

I just felt that I knew you from here & twitterland :joy::joy:

So glad you enjoyed the food :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Also so sorry we were a bit manic tonight - had you come 10 mins earlier icing would have been all over my walls after the amazing FHFW cupcake workshop & Zoe had her Vietmanese pop up tonight too.

We were a tad busy tonight, so sorry if we weren’t as attentive as we would normally be for the Food Assembly.

See ya next week xx


Ahhh no need to apologise for hugs, they’re always welcome :slight_smile: and no need to apologise for being busy. You’re doing an amazing job!! See you next week, lovely