Forest Hill Food Assembly


Cheers Caz, see you next week :+1:


We’ve added Chegworth Valley!

We say orders by 10pm tonight but can take till 9am tomorrow morning

Shhh, don’t tell everyone this please. Just sharing with you guys as we can’t do too many first thing in the morning :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone

We’re doing a competition!

Snap what you’ve done with your produce and head to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tag us in the photo. The best 2 photos will win one of these wonderful jute shopping bags. Just don’t forget to tag us in the photo!

We’ll choose the winners for 1st December collection.

Here’s our social media channels : FB @fhfoodassembly1, Twitter @fhfoodassembly1 Instagram fhfase23

And if you’re not a member already you can join here for free

ETA Or you can post your pics on here!


Just added the amazing local “London Smoke and Cure” as a producer!


I just ordered some smoked duck! Yummers!


Holy cow!!! The smoked duck is absolutely flippin delicious!!! I made a port sauce which went so well with the smokiness. Wish I had some more as I could eat it twice over!! :yum:


@Cazimo I seemed to have mislaid my invite :blush:


That’s ok, I appear to have scoffed the bloomin’ lot! :yum:


Mmm. Duck. What’s that green s**t though. :wink:


Gutbucket! :grin:


Anti scurvy!


Yup! :wink:


And the winners of our competition were @Cazimo & @lucyledisco :tada::tada::tada:


:tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon:
YAY!! Thanks @Pauline! Xxx


Some of our producers have added extra produce for Christmas :evergreen_tree::snowman:️:evergreen_tree::snowman:️:plate_with_cutlery::clinking_glasses::tada:


When’s the site open for orders?


It’s open now Jason for next week’s pick up xx


Ah good. Wasn’t after I stopped in to say hello.


I opened it this afternoon for next week’s pick up, so yup it wasn’t opened when you popped by to say hello this morning.

I tend to open it on Friday’s for the following Thursday collection, though the time does vary because I do it when I get time at the shop or do it when I close for the evening. Everyone that’s a member should get an email as soon as I put it live too :+1:

Always lovely having a chat & a laugh with you & @Bolgerp when you pop by :slight_smile: