Forest Hill Free Film Festival

Hello SE23er’s,

We’re organising a community free film festival in Forest Hill from 9th -17th September and we’re looking for any venues or local film makers that would like to get involved, if you have any ideas or questions, get in touch via this forum or email

For updates on the event schedule, you can like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed @ForestHillFilm

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Hi, when you say ‘venues’ what sort of places are you looking for?

Sounds interesting. Let me know if (for the smaller-scale screenings) you need to borrow an 80" wide format projection screen and/or or a digital projector.

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Hi Simon,

We’re currently exploring our options for anywhere within the Forest Hill Ward to arrange a screening, so we have pubs, art galleries, churches, community centres and parks on the list for one outdoor screening planned.

Thanks, Heather


Thank you for the offer :slight_smile:

We may well be in touch closer to the time once we have more of the logistics in place!


Capitol do film screening, so does the library, and Selar on Dartmouth Road. There is also a suitable studio on Havelock Walk. Normanton Road church and Christian Fellowship centre on Honor Oak Road may also work. Swimming pool is possible. Outdoor venues could include Albion Millennium Green and I know you are already speaking to Friends of Baxter’s Field.

Good luck. Happy to help spread the word and possibly lending you Forest Hill Society gazebos (T&Cs apply).