'Forest Hill Lacks a Heart'


In the Evening Standard’s Homes&Property tonight.


We need to introduce the Evening Standard to @Pauline, @Michael, @Simon and co… would blow their minds!

So many examples of “heart” in our all-time Top Topics


They are probably using the estate agent definition of ‘heart’ meaning ‘middle’.


There have been a few similar comments over the years and I think it’s often been because the South Circular Road dissects the town centre.

I guess it is a bit fragmented really.

It’s a town of distinctively different ‘quarters’ -
London Road
Dartmouth Road
Havelock Walk (inc Canvas & Cream and St Davids)
Perry Vale Triangle (up to All In One)

Big-up to FOUREST HILL - the town with a quadruple bypass that offers 4 for the price of 1.

(That 4th can of Special Brew always sends me a bit cranky - hic!).


Hahaha Mr, :joy::joy::joy:

Too funny xx

But NO more “Miriam Lodge” jokes please :rofl::rofl: but yes please :joy::joy:


I will vote (and work to get the vote out for) a political party with a serious plan for managing the road traffic around FH for the benefit of residents rather than commuters.


@Anotherjohn You know, thats not a bad idea.


Pauline - Miriam Lodge is no joke!

By the way, did FHSoc get an answer to their ‘bail hostel’ questions (see below) back in 2012/13?

There have been suggestions that Miriam Lodge is used, in part, as a Bail Hostel. In pre-application discussions Mr Lanyon-Hogg expressed his concern at such suggestions (see appendix 6 of the Community Impact Assessment). To clarify this situation we would ask for recent figures relating to the residents:
a. How many have been charged with a criminal offence and are awaiting trial.
b. How many have previous criminal records.


Exploring the Miriam Lodge saga probably deserves its own topic. Reminder - here’s how to reply as a linked topic

Any Miriam Lodge discussion with a political slant should go in the existing topic for this. Cheers all!


Oh I agree completely Mr!

Not sure if FHSoc got an answer to that, but @Michael should be able to let us know.


On the contrary, when we were house-hunting we were drawn more towards FH than Brockley, Crofton Park or HOP because of more of a ‘heart’ to the place, a sense of a centre with a reasonable selection of shops, pubs and restaurants (albeit slightly spoiled by the South Circular).


In fairness to the journalist he was probably paid enough to spend about an hour in Forest Hill and just went to the main street, which is split in three by the south circular there’s no way around that fact. I’ve seen even worse examples of this sort of property filler where you get the distinct impression they’ve just looked it up online without even going there. Best to take this stuff with a pinch of salt I reckon.


Where do we think the “Heart” of FH is. I am talking about the centre and not the :heartbeat:


I think of the station as the ‘centre’, with the main roads radiating out from it, and indeed back towards it.


If the station is the heart of Forest Hill then it needs a pacemaker so the Southern trains are more regular.


Its the crossing island on London road.


I let my inner geek live this evening and calculated that the centre of SE23 is in Shannons Garden centre. I could only do SE23 (and not ‘Forest Hill’) because I needed a well defined border.


This was one of the reasons we considered Crofton Park and HOP over Forest Hill, how we differ!

The journalism is sloppy, but I do have some sympathy with this view; I think Forest Hill suffers a great deal with traffic volumes from the ever busy South Circular Road. I have to cross it with my daughter every day and am concerned about the accumulated damage it is doing to her lungs. It is one of the main factors why I am considering a move out of the area, and away from London.


Unless you’re a major community center like Lewisham or Greenwich, most community centres in London are built linearly. A straight up and down line with room to grow in only one or two directions.

What I love about Forest Hill is how it is dissected almost into four with shopping branches going down Dartmouth Road, London Road, Devonshire Road and Perry Vale. It creates a community ‘heart’ which is cross shaped and closer together.

It also shows the importance of how this cross is connected so it IS a shame that the interchange outside the station has not been improved for pedestrians, and also shows the critical importance of the underpass to keep Perry Vale connected and accessible to all.


Thinking of the subway, and the proposed ‘welcome’ wall sign, could we also have some signage at the top of the subway listing traders on the Perry Vale side? I’m wondering how many FH residents never have cause to go to the wrong side of the tracks and don’t know what’s there?