Forest Hill library 'open'

Writing this whilst doing my library shift today just to make more people aware the library is open again in limited format. It is currently a bit quiet :slight_smile:

The full building isnt open for browsing or computer use unfortunately however still able to return books and collect books reserved. The library catalogue can be searched online and reservations made. Google lewisham libraries and follow link to catalogue. Reservations currently free for adults & children. Once the book is available (it may be travelling from a library in North London and taking a bit longer as has to quarantine along the way) you will receive a call or email to come and collect it. If you don’t know what specific book you want to read then pop in to collect a lucky dip. We have several categories.
Remember we also have lots of non fiction books if bored of cooking the usual or read biography about someone interesting. Also have travel books but perhaps less useful right now…

At the moment opening hours are
Tuesday 10-14.00
Thurs 15-19.00
Sat 10-14.00

Hopefully hours and services will expand. Access currently only via children’s library/accessible entrance on Thorpewood.


Must say I love the idea of a mystery book. And thanks to you, and all the other volunteers, for helping keep the library open!

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