Forest Hill Library - Storytelling & Craft Sessions - Summer Reading challenge 2019 - Space Chase

Blast Off to the Children’s Library for one of our ‘Space Chase’ inspired Storytelling and Craft Sessions. Join ‘Wulfie’ as he keeps you entertained with stories of space adventures. Then create some space alien creatures or worlds of your very own in our craft session. Ages: 4 to 11.

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@moderators are you able to put all the dates in one post for us and bump each date just before each Storytelling and Craft Session at FH Library, Thank you.

Good job @Bruceshire for getting this out x


Hi Pauline - I’m out at the moment but will have a look at later or tomorrow - ifnthe are separate dates might be more difficult if they are the same might be possible.



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Cheers Pauline. I was looking to see if I could add the first one and set the dates from and to for each week as one post but couldn’t see an option for it. x

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Cheers oakr!

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