Forest Hill Mural - Can you help with wall cleaning and/or nearby parking for the artist?



We’re making good progress with our plans for a Forest Hill Mural.

Now, some logistics:

Cleaning the wall

We’ll need to clean the underpass wall a week before painting commences. For other murals, local volunteers used hoses and brooms. In Catford, the wall was cleaned by a volunteer with a pressure washer.

Would you be willing to help out? Please reply here if so.

Parking for the artist

@Lionel will arrive in a van with his paints, ladders etc, and will need to park near the railway underpass.

Do you have a parking space nearby (Devonshire Road, Waldram Cres, Waldram Park Road, Stanstead Road, Waldram Place etc), and would you be willing for Lionel to park there during the day for 2-3 days? Please let us know.


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Re parking, Stanstead Rd (turning left off S Circular at the Co-op) usually has available parking during the day which is free and within about 100m of the mural location.


I don’t own a pressure washer but am happy to give up some time to help clean the site up although as I work full time, it would depend on when the time is needed.