Forest Hill Mural - Cleaning the wall

We’re making good progress with our plans for a Forest Hill Mural.

Now, some logistics:

Cleaning the wall

We’ll need to clean the underpass wall a week before painting commences. For other murals, local volunteers used hoses and brooms. In Catford, the wall was cleaned by a volunteer with a pressure washer.

Would you be willing to help out? Please reply here if so.

:white_check_mark: Parking for the artist [Arranged]

@Lionel will arrive in a van with his paints, ladders etc, and will need to park near the railway underpass.

[A forum member has kindly offered nearby parking]

Re parking, Stanstead Rd (turning left off S Circular at the Co-op) usually has available parking during the day which is free and within about 100m of the mural location.

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I don’t own a pressure washer but am happy to give up some time to help clean the site up although as I work full time, it would depend on when the time is needed.

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Excited to announce that @Lionel plans to start painting the mural on the weekend of 24th March (potentially starting on the 23rd).

We’ll need to get the wall cleaned before Lionel is able to start.

I’m going to head to the site this Saturday (17th March) at 10am to have a go at cleaning the wall. Thanks very much @applespider for the offer of help with cleaning the wall. Are you able to make it this Saturday? I’m free on Sunday too, if this is better for you. Anyone else able to join us?

I have a stepladder and will bring a broom and a bucket and a long hose - nearby garages may be kind enough to refill the bucket or supply running water for the hose. I’ll contact them shortly.

There is guttering above the wall which appears to be leaking water. My stepladder probably isn’t tall enough to get to this, so if anyone else has a taller ladder, please bring that along. Hopefully the leak is due to debris in the gutter which we can clear out.

Thanks, all! Please let us know if you’re able to make Saturday or Sunday.


I think I’ll need to hire something like this to get the job done:

It won’t require a constant water supply or electricity, and with the stepladder, I should be able to reach high enough.

Worth taking into consideration what health and safety measures will be needed too. Safe working area, safe passage for pedestrians so to avoid slips or “contamination”

Cones, tape bare minimum, and if anyone would need to walk into the road to pass… And so on.

Big old job there, wish you well getting it done.

Thanks for the tips - I have also had some kind and detailed advice from @anon5183jd via PM which is much appreciated.

I may well be able to avoid using a ladder - this will reduce risk significantly. I’ll probably head up one evening after work with a broom to see how much can be done using simple means.

In case I need to get the pressure washer and/or ladder involved, I’ve asked Lionel to mention this when speaking to Network Rail soon regarding the risk assessment for his painting work.


I can do a few hours on Saturday tho busy on Sunday. Meet you at 10?

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Good stuff, sounds pretty well thought out. Look forward to seeing this piece finally appear.

Good luck to all playing their part.

Thanks very much for the offer! I’ll be in touch via PM.

Lionel has suggested a simpler cleaning approach using dry brushes. A pressure washer may create more work for us as it will strip the wall more deeply.

Sounds like a low-tech, low cost approach is the way forward - at least for our first try. I’ll bring a broom and stepladder.


Living in a flat, I don’t have a decent garden broom.

Anyone else got a garden broom or two around? Guess two better than one for the lower levels at least?

I’m slightly surprised that no-one else has volunteered to help yet. It would be great (and quicker/easier/more fun) if we could get a real community effort into it with 3 or 4 others.


I would like to help but I’ll be our of town on that day.
Was going to offer to chip in on the washer but I see you are going manual!
Happy to grab a broom or two for volunteers…


I’m most likely working on Saturday but if I’m not, I’ll definitely come to help and pick up a broom from Shannon’s.

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Thanks @ametzelaar - I’ll let you know if the plans change.

I can chip in couple of hours Saturday morning but in similar position as live in flat don’t have brooms etc. If someone else can provide extra then perfect.


Super! I might contact a certain local garden centre to see if they’d be kind enough to lend us one or two brooms. Thanks also to @ForestHillNick for the offer :+1:

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I can certainly lend a brush and possibly some time although I might be busy 10am - 12 noon

I’m happy to drop the brush off and then join after 12


Thanks Liam, hope to see you there.

Shannon’s Garden Centre have very kindly offered to lend us three brooms. I’ll pop in and pick them up on Saturday morning.