Forest Hill Mural - Cleaning the wall



Worth replicating the marks lower down, or on the pavement?

The amount of graffiti popping up again now, I have fears for the longevity of the mural. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become a target.


Hope the clean goes well. Cant wait to see the end result.


I have a vague memory of us discussing during the planning stages that the mural would have anti-graffiti paint or coating or something? Or is that just my imagination? It would certainly seem worth protecting the finished mural from graffiti if we can?


So are we really doing this today? 8am and it’s snowing… I don’t mind, I just don’t want to be the only one who shows up standing under the railway bridge with a broom looking like Billy no-mates.


Morning @clausy. Yes - @Liz_Hall and I will head over this morning and aim to be there for 10am. We’ll go via Shannon’s and pick up some brooms. See you there! :+1:


OK. I’ll layer up, dig out the old cycling gloves and see you down there.


I presume you don’t need my broom now? I can always dash home to grab it if needed. I’ll try and join you early afternoon if you’re still going


Hi @Liam_Gilgar - I think we will be okay for brooms but thank you for the kind offer.





The wall looks drier up the top than yesterday? Good news. Thanks to all that are out this morning.


Yes - the wall was pretty dry today :+1:

I don’t think any of the artwork area was wet, although it was quite dusty and encrusted with tough deposits.

The before / after shots don’t quite do it justice, but with @applespider, @sgc, @clausy and @Liz_Hall on it, we cleared plenty of debris from the wall and hopefully made a difference for next week’s painting. Thanks to all of you for giving up your Saturday mornings and braving the weather.

From this angle, the effect of the scrubbing is more obvious:

Big thanks to Shannon’s Garden Centre for the loaned brooms.


Great job. Looked much cleaner when I passed by at noon.

Now if you can just over my way on Sunderland Rd…


Well done folks - and thank you! Can’t wait to see it take shape.


Could only come by at 2pm and you were all done… Great work!


Sorry I couldn’t make it today - I was called into work. Looks like a great job, hope the weather was on your side!


Fun morning, nice to meet everyone, thanks for the coffee Chris!

Can’t wait to see this go up. Yes it doesn’t look much different, but a lot of brick-dust/mold/diesel particulates and generally not nice things came off the wall and should make it easier to paint!


Yes, thank you for the coffee. And was great to meet a few others and find out more about the Book Club too.

Under the bridge was definitely more sheltered and we soon warmed up as we got going. By the time we finished, there was very little coming off the wall so fingers crossed, it will help the paint last longer.

Was good to have a few passing pedestrians stop to ask what we were doing too.


Thanks everyone that helped with this, sorry I couldn’t help.

Brilliant job :+1::+1::+1:


@clausy if that is who I think it is from the pics (your lovely son) in these pics. Please let me know as he’ll have a free bag of sweets from me for that, definitely deserves them if it’s him and pretty sure it is.

P :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pauline, nope no child labour. Must be me looking young, but we appreciate the offer anyway :slight_smile: