Forest Hill Mural - Cleaning the wall



Love Shannons…
Good luck with the cleaning!


We’d love to help with this too. I have a simple electric power washer (might be good if not too powerful) - any ideas where to get water and power from? I might arrive with a broom first and see how it goes.

Another thought, as I cycled through this afternoon… there some graffiti there that needs to come off and also it will look weird if the other side stays dirty… are we doing both sides?


Thanks for the kind offer. I think it may be hard to get water and electricity on the site. Also, Lionel has asked that we try brushes first as this may be sufficient. Please do bring a broom.

I was just going to do the mural wall, but perhaps if we get it done quickly and people want to burn a few more calories, we could do the other side too.


@anon30031319 posted this on the ULEZ thread - “Saw this too, wonder how long before they issue face masks for people in the worst of it.”

Acted as a reminder - please encourage volunteers to wear overalls (or at least their oldest clothes) and a face-mask. It will get mucky and dusty.

Good luck everyone.


Lionel will inspect the site tomorrow or Saturday and mark out the boundary of the artwork.

A passer-by mentioned that the wall is still quite wet and the gutters are leaking.

I’m going to contact Network Rail to see what our options are regarding fixing / clearing the guttering.


Just noticed this latest piece from Lionel… Very nice.
Check out @lionel_stanhope’s Tweet:


There is a forecast for snow this weekend :flushed: so are any alternate plans needed?

Do we assume we are going ahead and make a final call on here around 9am on Sat?


Good call @applespider.

@Foresthillnick, @ametzelaar, @SGC, @Liam_Gilgar and @clausy - please check here on Saturday morning as we may need to postpone if the conditions aren’t right, or if Lionel finds that the wall needs some work to fix the guttering and/or leaks.


At least no-one’s going to sweat if it’s 2 degrees outside :grinning:

Also - there’s graffiti on the wall, we’ll need something to remove it - is there a plan for that?


I’d suggest grabbing a photo, and posting on

The council’s anti-graffiti team is excellent - they often fix the graffiti on the same day.

In the post on FixMyStreet, perhaps also mention that the mural is due to happen, so if they’re able to clean the wall beyond the graffiti, that would make a massive difference!


Ha, instead of ranting online, I’m going to go and do this right now. Good idea :+1:


I reported some graffiti yesterday morning elsewhere in Forest Hill and was rather shocked to find it painted over yesterday evening!

Good luck with the work this weekend and don’t let the weather put you off - there won’t be snow under the bridge. Sorry I’m not available to help.



p.s. Chris - ha - nice try roping the council in to clean the whole wall :grinning:


:grin: If they do clean the wall, I promise never to complain about council tax ever again!


Well, they’ve picked it up already!




@Lionel just marked out the boundaries of the artwork on the wall this morning. Hopefully the council won’t remove his markings when they remove the tags!


Lionel’s artwork boundary markings:


Worth replicating the marks lower down, or on the pavement?

The amount of graffiti popping up again now, I have fears for the longevity of the mural. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become a target.


Hope the clean goes well. Cant wait to see the end result.


I have a vague memory of us discussing during the planning stages that the mural would have anti-graffiti paint or coating or something? Or is that just my imagination? It would certainly seem worth protecting the finished mural from graffiti if we can?