Forest Hill Mural Crowdfunder - £2,500+ raised successfully - in 75 hours! 🎉



I’m sure they’d do you a Forest Hill version!


Hell. I might just do that for my front room.


This looks great! Terrific work

Will there be any lights to illuminate it? It’s awfully gloomy under that bridge…


Others have suggested this too. Would certainly help make the sign visible. More of a logistical challenge than the painting itself, due to the electricity supply and ongoing cost - does anyone have experience organising such things in a municipal setting?

If someone can get a quote for the work and ongoing costs, I’m happy to kick off another crowdfunder to see if we can raise the necessary funds. May be something that the Forest Hill Society might want to get involved in?


The result of some googling is that we’d need:

  • Some lights
  • An electrician
  • An unmetered connection

Costs for unmetered connections appear to be available here:

I presume though that network rail would have to agree to having lights screwed to their wall and indeed someone would confirm there’s no impact on road safety?


The Loughborough Junction Action Group are a little ahead of Forest Hill I think, and appear to have installed lighting under one of their seven bridges. Might be willing to pass on their experience/tips of dealing with Network Rail, planning, safety issues etc?


Could Sydenham be next in line for a mural? Join the conversation on


Fantastic to see how everything is going so far. I have one concern - under that bridge tends to get very wet on the Devonshire Road / Portakabin side. There’s often a damp patch on the wall and today the rain seemed to be running down.

Will this be likely to cause a problem for the mural?


Hi Dave, yes there is some damp/wet problems which is why the weather needs to warm up and the wall to dry out before painting. Most of these bridges I’ve painted are in poor repair which may add to the ease of permission being given to painting.


Er… :thinking:

Yeah, while you’re about it, get 'em to fling a big heater up there!


There’s a gutter that runs across the top of the wall, and it’s unlikely to have been cleared for decades. When local volunteers clean the wall prior to painting, we ought to give the gutter a good sweep. This may help.


IRO the lighting. A decent solar solution would negate any need for mains power .


Meeting at the Dolphin next week to discuss :hugs:

Sydenham Mural - planning

This is getting picked up on teh webz - just seen it on my FB feed



I enjoyed the bit about him refusing to paint them outside of SE :fist:


Great article. I enjoyed finding out a bit more about Lionel


Whilst looking at the Forest Hill Conservation map in regards to the inclusion/exclusion of The Sylvan Post - I have observed that the Forest Hill Conservation area has a portion that now extends beyond the bridge.

It would seem prudent to add LB Lewisham to our list of consultees for appropriate advice/permissions…


Great job SE23, could this be the first of many community led projects to improve the area.

Is there a picture of a proper scale mock up of this mural? I notice that the mock image was done over the picture of the Brockley mural. The SE23 bridge is much bigger in all directions.