Forest Hill Mural - The Reaction 🤩

Continuing the discussion from The Forest Hill Mural:

The new mural has created a massive buzz, especially on Instagram:


Is it just me but after looking at all the photos, my brain isn’t quite sure that Forest is spelled quite right? Semantic saturation apparently - love learning new things out of random occurrences.

Great to see such a positive reaction :blush:


For me, it’s the typography, with the F too far apart from the R, which over-elongates that part of the word compared with all the other lettering. I’m guessing that a more oval shaped O (0) would be 00TA character (forgive the pun) with the traditional railway signage.

I still absolutely lOve it though!

BIG fans here!


Also, in my world, “hipster mural” is a compliment (in case anyone was going to protest!) and I absolutely love our 2D walrus. Almost as much as the 3D version!

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It certainly brightens up another dusty old railway bridge :grin:

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After all the discussion about the colour, and us debating between dark red and British Racing green as well as a darker blue, I am beyond delighted that Lionel went with this sky blue and orange. It positively glows under the bridge even in this miserable weather.


That was more than a [brush] stroke of genius - it was truly inspired!
(And there we all were debating the hows and wheres of hard-wiring or solar power for the lighting that was needed to even see this mural)


Oh but the debate was fun…

And we can do it all over again for the next one lol

Spotted a couple of businesses capitalising on the new Forest Hill branding - good to see! :slight_smile:

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Here’s hoping they contributed to the crowdfunding, and if not will be first in line for the next one.


Hang on - isn’t Winkworths the mock-up that Lionel supplied as opposed to a photo of the actual mural? Wonder where they got that from :thinking:


Winkworth mention as a feature of the area in all their property listings. I’m a fan!


That Walrus was such a great idea, but I’ve forgotten who suggested it?
And, again, the orange… another thing that sets this sign out from the rest and catches people’s attention.
Great design!


@Armadillo (Simon Spark). And he’s started a trend - watch out for the next area with a vintage sign + animal mascot - I am reliably informed there’s more to come :slight_smile:

That was @Ed’s idea and also @Lionel’s idea (great minds thinking alike)

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Looks great. A fine job, really well executed. And think the Overground orange works particularly well, making it look more current than the ones using dark green which feel more retro, even though the typography is identical.

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I’d have preferred a squirrel, at least they are more representative of Forest Hill. Also the colour of British motor racing green and cream for the lettering. Green would have been more representative of the Forest.

Winkworth’s seem to have changed the lettering to gold in their advertisement, which looks great.