Forest Hill Mural - The Reaction 🤩



Winkworth used Lionel’s earlier mock-up, which had yellow lettering.

Lionel changed the colour to Overground orange in order to better represent the area’s local features.


I have lived in the area for sixteen years now and I have never once associated Forest Hill with a squirrel!

The walrus is an excellent and thoughtful choice.


Every single borough of London has squirrels! As do areas outside of London, and outside of Britain…
I can’t think of many neighbourhoods that boast an over-stuffed Victorian walrus (who incidentally has his own Twitter account, further cementing him as a bit of a local icon).


In that case, since this is a forest, maybe a bear would have been more representative than a walrus.


We’re drifting off topic here.



In Forest Hill we might not always be the first with a good idea, but we know how to raise the bar! Well done to Penge for taking on the challenge. I look forward to seeing their prehistoric friends taking up their place under the bridge.


Very cool. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs. Especially physically inaccurate ones.

I wonder if they missed a truck as the design of the Crystal Palace was sympatico to the sign design.



Is it too late to get my money back? :rage:


I thought it was a clever 3D like addition to the image ?

Is it the real Idris ?

If it’s 3D - we could have @Lionel add him to the right of the Forest Hill mural - looking - say - pensively at it.

If @Lionel gave us a flat rate per additional character - you could then add a cast of selected characters - whatever and whoever floats your boats.


My joke is dead. RIP my joke.


I thought it was good.

Did I kill it somehow ? - if so - sorry.


Well, just to throw another sod on the grave of my joke, no, it’s not the actual physical Idris Elba in this computer mock up, unless we’ve already reached the point of technological singularity.

My joke relies on the notion that crowd funding a mural could also buy us a particularly toothsome celebrity to stand in front of it. Clearly ridiculous, and once you start to question it, the joke is dead.


I’m sticking to the defense that i thought it was - and is - funny.




I’m intrigued by this white splodge on the mural - been there since it was done, pretty much. Is it graffiti?


I always took it to be light glinting from the metallic edge of the sign. It’s been in the mock ups since the start, so definitely intended and not graffiti.


It presumably allows the orange band to love from the outside edge to the inside edge.


Bang on both of you.