Forest Hill Mural - The Reaction 🤩



Oh yeah! Ego now on fire! :slight_smile:


Ah cool, thanks!


And here I thought was some pending street artist feud. Not quite Banksy vs King Robbo… but you know…


Not just businesses - i got a leaflet through my door with this photo…




Lee, well known for its Heron population. Apparently.


Read that as Heroin - of which there may be more in Lee than Herons…


Indeed. I read that as heroines. And thought I’d finally found tge fabled London home of Diana Prince and the Amazon’s.


I just noticed from the crowdfunder link above that interestingly somehow the people of Lee managed to persuade Network Rail to contribute to the cost of painting their mural. They have also chosen not to use Lionel Stanhope to paint it, which feels a little bit cheeky to me, since it’s so similar to his other designs.


Interesting, I had a brief email conversation with one of the organisers and waxed lyrical about Lionel, thought at the time she was remarkably quiet in response. More than a little bit cheeky. They were also under the impression The Horniman had paid for half of ours, which I corrected.

It does seem to have been a cheaper mural, but then there are less letters.


Update: Pretty sure that Lionel is involved. So, not so cheeky after all.


Pretty vibrant!


Lee… Green. Very clever.


I always thought I was spelt LEA. You learn something new every day.


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