Forest Hill Pools [2016-2018]



I was watching my partner take my two year old into the learner pool a few weeks ago when a family came in through the outside door (so not through the changing room) walked up and down the side of the pool repeatedly in their outside shoes with a pram, and then the son stripped off to his pants (not a costume) and jumped in. I was a bit surprised the attendant didn’t say anything! Or am I being a bit precious? I’m not sure!


There used to be a ‘user’s forum’ at the pools. These concerns should definitely be passed on to them.

Unfortunately the way the contract for managing the pools (and most pools) is procured companies have to do things as cheaply as possible to win it. I think this is why a lot of these issues exist. Sometime last year they had a new manager who it appeared was trying to do something about weekend staff shortages and to manage resources a bit better.

The Council should be interested in this feedback too.


There are hardly ever any overshoes in the dispensers; that is a fact. I check religiously when I go. I’m actually thinking of buying a box of my own, that’s how guilty I feel about not wearing them. But it’s a bit tough to blame people when those dispensers only have anything in them maybe 20% of the time!


I never use the overshoes. I just take my shoes and socks off outside the changing area and go in in bare feet.


When do you go, @jrothlis? What do you do in that case? As Robin says, you can take your shoes or socks off. (That’s what I tend to do).

I’ve been going pretty much every Saturday morning for the last 6 months. There are three dispensers that I’m aware of and I have seen all 3 empty once.


Saturday mornings (at 10:30). All 3 dispensers are nearly always empty.


The standard of gym and pool facilities in the UK in general is just poor. Not to mention when options are limited, it’s not like customers can just vote with their wallets and go somewhere else.

If you are looking at private gyms with a pool that don’t offer subsidies to people on benefits, you’re looking at anywhere from £70-£150+ per month. You get what you pay for.


I dont agree- I’ve always gone to council run gyms, and in south London alone gone to the Spa at Beckenham ,Peckham pool and East Dulwich.
FHP is by far the filthiest of all.
I used to attend a council gym in the midst of an estate in North Kensington…it was run down but at least the toilets and changing areas were relatively clean and the timetable was reliable.


Hello guys . I thought to reply to this comments regarding Forest Hill Pool .
Wel I m a member from 5 years now .(Fusion) I used to be a member for 2 years in Dulwich LC ,Camberwell green LC . as well like with Better in Greenwich.

Forest HIll Pool is the best place from all of this one .As a customer service ,clean environment and Pool facility .

I m a swimmer so never used the gym ,Not interested to be honest . Im sorry to hear people on here had problem but I never had problem .a part with silly people who walk with dirty shoes inside the wet changing room .
Can you read ? there is a post …I use my flip flop . Yes flip flop are for using in this circumstances . and not walking outside when is raining .(weird people) .

Staff are professional , polite and friendly . at the reception and poolside .

I had few issues and in no time they resolved it . Where in other leisure centre they just ignored it …Have you been to Dulwich LC in wet changing room? well then you have to go there …Good luck !!!

I swim also in Brockwell Lido …quite like it .(and is Fusion as well)
The only things is there is not a lot of swimming lane only …like on Monday,Thursday and Friday evening …too many swimming lessons …but to be honest Im going the other 4 days . I totally reccomend this pool …ahh the main pool is suppose to be cool and not boiling hot !!! is not a bath but a pool where you swim!!! if you want to dip in the water and chat with your friends then use the jacuzzi !! ha ha Happy New Year :wink:

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I am very frustrated that there is only one very oversubscribed class for over 60s per week. Older people are constantly exhorted to exercise in order to keep well in older age but there is no support from what should be a community resource. Any feedback is ignored and the “managers” show no interest in making any changes. It is difficult to know how to take this further and any advice would be welcomed.


Sound like the company who runs the pool, Fusion, are not being motivated to run another class. If I was you I would write a letter the the manager at the pool explicitly cc’ing your local councillor as well as someone at Fusion senior enough to suffer if their contract to run the pool was not renewed.


I gave up on FHP due to the lamentable class timetable and lack of interest by management regarding this…especially how few classes there are in the evening for the full time workers among us who need classes after 6.30-7pm.
Just useless so I gave up and joined Dulwich Leisure centre


From my experience “management” and “FH Pools” is an oxymoron.

Just as an example, the showers in the men’s changing room have now been “Out of Service” for almost 2 months. I can’t imagine what possible problem could not be resolved in that time period by any reputable plumber.

I recently had a membership issue I needed to resolve urgently. I made 3 phone calls to FHP, sent an email, sent messages to Fusion HQ and FHP through twitter AND visited in person twice before i finally managed to resolve the (straightforward) issue.

It’s such a shame to see a really great facility being so poorly run.


The hairdryers also take months to fix once they break.


Thanks to Beige for suggestions. It would seem that Forest Hill leisure centre has a number of key groups it does not serve. I have already tried suggestions but will probably have another go. Not sure how I find the right person at Fusion to complain too.


I didn’t realise Fusion was a registered charity. I had assumed they were a profit making company performing an outsourcing function for local govt.

I had a look for some details:

I found these sessions if you wanted to talk to the manager, the next one is 11:30 on Tuesday:

Though you seem to already have spoken to him/her without success.

I couldn’t find the managers email address, but I found the Chief Execs:

Chief Executive:
Mr Peter Kay, Fusion Lifestyle, 4 Bickels Yard, 151-153 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3HA

Perhaps if you email him, cc’ing the appropriate councillor you might have better luck. Hopefully someone who reads can suggest which councillor that would be.


Thank you Beige for these details, particularly the chief executive details.


Picking up this very old topic, does anyone have any idea on how best to give feedback on the state of FH Pools?

  • In the last few months there seems to have been a lot of staff turnover
  • The cafe appears to be frequently closed due to staff shortages
  • Half the showers don’t work
  • I’ve not seen any of the blue overshoes in the dispensers for about a month

There are “Meet the Manager” sessions but they all appear to be at 11.30am on a weekday (see here for details: I’d be keen to hear from anyone who has attended one of these sessions.

I’ve added the items above to a feedback form from the Fusion website. The website doesn’t give any feedback on submission (you get a message saying “You have already completed this survey.” which is a bit worrying) but hopefully it’ll go through. I think it would be better to give feedback face to face.


You will never get a response to feedback in any format. I am still waiting to find out why there is only one oversubscribed class for over 60s.