Forest Hill Pools [2016-2018]



The showers by the swimming pool are ludicrously hot - far too hot for toddlers (as attested to by the crying and wriggling on weekend mornings).

Goodness knows why they think people need a piping hot shower before or after being in the pool, particularly when the pool itself is a normal/ambient temperature.

Very frustrating and you would think easy enough to remedy. I’ve given feedback on the website but based on the posts above I don’t hold out much hope.


A couple of days after I did this, I got a call from one of the duty managers. She was very helpful and explained a few things. They’d been struggling with missing deliveries due to the road closure, apparently. She suggested asking for the duty manager in case of future problems.

On the showers, the new ones in the centre of each bay between the pools are great - but very much in demand at the end of weekend lessons. The old ones run hot.


The showers are very hot! But the water is also fairly warm in the large pool at the moment too. I am there at 6am most weekday mornings, and it is busier on different days. I


This morning I turned up for a swim at just after 6, apparently manager not turned up so they couldn’t open. Apparently staff tried calling but couldn’t reach her. Waited until 6.40 then gave up and had to go all the way home to get ready for work. :-1:t3:


Today was the first morning in ages I have missed. I would not have been happy!


I think Forest Hill and Lewisham Council need to sort out issues in Forest Hill Pools runned by Fusion.
Staff are rude,unprofessional and not able to resolve issues.they just don t care.I heard more than once when they do rude comments regarding customers. While they are serving other customers!I booked for an induction(gym) twice.the first no one came. After 25mins wait .i went downstairs and only because I said that I’m still waiting and so far no on came. At the reception they shout at me…the second ones they sent a person who does not have any idea how to use the equipment…and so many bad experience. After 5years I decided to cancel my membership. A lot of customers complaints. Shame as a community this place supported by Lewisham Council and us (taxpayer) is supposed to be look after and choose professional people to care about it. Today only me in the lane ,using fins.i have been told that I can t use fins!? It is dangerous because you can kicks other!? What Im aware that is not true. People there don t have any idea how to deal with customers… I would love to hear other people experience and what can we do for changing this issues?


I read regarding complaining customers does not use flip flop or over shoes…you forgot about the staff. Are you aware that lifeguards and swimming teachers plus every staff coming at the pool side that they don t use overshoes?they walk in and out. Buying take away from the shop and come back inside…dont tell me now that their shoes are clean because I don t believe you!ha


I’ve always found the staff friendly, helpful and polite.


Yeah me too Robin for the first months…it only superficial. Going there 6 times per week. I heard and experienced lots. When you know them you avoid them… they are very noisy …but I 'll stop here. I 'll write an email to Lewisham Council.


I’ve been going twice a week ever since the pools reopened.


Lucky you Robin. You are one of the rare people who never had an issue! It s years I’m going there 6/7per. soon I used the gym as well ,problems cames . A part the changing rooms are disgusting .


The issue is the staff are treated appallingly by some members of the public. Treat the staff badly and they unfortunately treat visitors badly. Some of the stuff they put up with amazes me. Asking people to put overshoes on and being told to f&ck off. Having to deal with soiled nappies thrown on the floors and in one instance that I saw, squashed on a cubicle wall. Deal with that all day and no wonder they are not happy.


Not sure what’s going on here. But I think it’s great. Maybe the staff are a little surly but really who cares. They’re probably on minimum wage anyway. It’s a lovely pool and in fact two people told me today that they travel from quite far away to this pool as it’s better than their locals.


Yes, this is a genuine H&S hazard, as is tripping on the side of the pool, people leaving fins and hand paddles in the way of others… Others may join the lane, or may be put off joining the lane… I believe this is pretty standard as a rule, certainly in the countless public pools I’ve used and swum in over the years.


No really. I swim 6 times per week and they know me…always used fins and respected the rules…no one told anything 're fins…considering I swim in different pools and lido as Well. Yesterday it was quite.empty lane …so for me no reason for saying that…for the other comments I can say that if you don t like a job ,you change it. With all the leisure centres in the area…as a staff you don t treat a member who is always there badly. All is good when you don t complain. To tell me I don t need an induction ? There is no excuse for the rudeness and misbehave of this people. They never pickup the phone or they don’t even know the timetable.come on ! Need to be done something .


If you see how I swim in the fast lane .you 'll find weird as well…i do swim with 20 in the lane …the problem are the swimmers who does Not respect the rules …and swimmers…mo me using the fins…other swimmers use fins as well…


It may well be ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the general norm - I think if anything it’s permitting the use of them that’s unusual, not the telling off when you do. Maybe take it up with the lifeguards? Who are always on duty and (I find) usually pretty friendly.


No excuse .tell me if I come to you and I treat you badly…and you have not done anything to me…they are a bunch of kids. There is a cleaner for that other centre are much cleaner. And well behave. They loose a lot of customers .Shame because FHP could be a better place if the staff is professional.


Lifeguards were not aware of that…the
Manager in duty said it…it weird because in other pools they let you do…they tell you off when you do something wrong…which is not my case. I received kick from breaststroke but not lifeguards said anything…anyway I’m so disappointed .closed my membership…problem solved lol


I think the staff there are lovely. The rule of using fins will apply if you are the only one in the lane or if there are 20 others. The majority of pools I swim in do not allow fins, and I would question it if someone was swimming with them. contact with a fin, as opposed to a foot could cause serious injury with the sharp edges. But as you say, you have cancelled your membership so this shouldn’t worry you any more as you can use one of the pools where they allow you to.