Forest Hill Pools [2019-2020]

Good morning

I just wanted to say hello. I’m the new Business Manager for The leisure centres.

I wanted to share an update with you as we are just starting a big refurbishment of the gym. If anyone would like to come and see it/ try it out then I can arrange that for you.

I’m also conscious of some of the negativity towards the centre and management. This is a big priority right now as is resolving the defects to the building which we are determined to get done early 2020.

We will be running some meet the manager sessions throughout 2020. Please come down and say hi. Together we can make Forest Hill Pools the community hub it was supposed to be.



Welcome to the forum @Steveem7. Thanks for joining us :+1:

Welcome to the forum! I’ve been a member of Forest Hill Pools since September and have had nothing but a positive experience so far. I would happily recommend it to everyone-excellent value for money, great instructors and lovely atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing the new gym once I’m back after Christmas!

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Hi Steve and thank you for posting.

I’m someone who would like to join a local gym next year, and would prefer FH due to the swimming pool, but have been put off by comments here and elsewhere.

There appear to have been many promises made and not followed through, so I think whilst everyone will want things to be fixed soon, it will be important for you and your teams to be realistic in terms of the time things can be done in - credibility is at a low point for the Fusion Management team and will need to be rebuilt. If there are issues beyond your control, explain them - false promises and overly ambitious timelines will cause further mistrust.

Good luck, I hope with the new investment and some more recent positive comments SE23 residents can look forward to a much improved facility next year.


Thanks Helen!
Thats great! if you could stick it on google/ facebook reviews that would be brilliant!

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I really hope you can make the difference we need to make FHP a viable centre to buy membership for.
After so much mismanagement and broken promises I stopped going over two years ago and joined another gym out of our area.
However I’d love to be a member of a gym that’s on my doorstep doesn’t require a bus ride or detour on the way home from work and meets my needs.
Good luck! My OH is still a member due to working in Lewisham which means he can use your other centres in his lunch break so I’ll look forward to hearing if the gym and facilities
are improved in 2020

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Thank you I am a regular swimmer, and am really excited about the gymn refurbishment thank you so much, I will be in touch


As promised up thread, and now open:


That’s great. New machines. Great exercise and fitness opportunity. Get hot and sweaty and then … no showers.

The new gym equipment is really great. Fantastic upgrade. Looking forward to seeing the gym change room facilities (upstairs) being sorted out as that would remove a lot of pressure on the downstairs swimming change room which is overcrowded as a result.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your comments! If you can please leave us a google/ facebook review on your next visit.

Could you please posts your membership rates? Is there a per visit option?

Yes you can turn up and pay at the desk without being a member

Hello Starman, if you visit here you will be able to get our membership rates and prices and for prices

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Is there also an up to date pool timetable? There doesn’t seem to be one on the website? Also, what proof do you need of local resident status? Thanks!

Hello Natalie, thank you for letting us know about the timetable we will get this added back online ASAP. To provide proof you are a local resident all you need is something with your address on (like a council tax bill) that shows you live in the London Borough of Lewisham.


Hopefully this email reaches you. if you pop down or give Adnan a call he will help you.

Kind Regards

Steve Embleton | Business Manager

Lewisham South London

Fusion Lifestyle

4 Bickels Yard

151-153 Bermondsey Street

London. SE1 3HA

Like others I welcome the new investment and good intentions but sadly have come to a point where I have to comment on yet another disappointing visit today:

(1) All showers remain stone cold, as they have for the past two weeks (and numerous times previous). £140k on new running machines or not, stone cold showers in a gym/pool facility for weeks on end during the middle of winter affecting users young and old = not acceptable.

(2) Admission charged at the highest rates - FHP not accepting legitimate discounts due to the introduction of a new electronic payment system a week ago: therefore staff have to charge the highest rate for children and all - WTF?

(3) Poor state of facilities - rubbish and detritus strewn on floor throughout, broken toilets (to add to long-standing absence of first floor change room etc.)

Having always tried to be positive, put up with the difficulties and to continue to support FHP, I write this message with great regret.

However, after years of supporting FHP we are going to have to travel out of area to use another centre if these kinds of issues persist. I see some members of this forum have already done so.

It is a great shame for what could and should be a tremendous local facility.

Copying @SophieDavis who has kindly looked into FHP on behalf of the council in the past - any help again now is much appreciated.


But there are fewer machines in the ‘new’ gym

Yes they have gone from about 8 running machines to 5 (and one of those was broken on my last visit!). Not a good decision, particularly at this time of year when short days and weather makes running outside difficult for lots of people. Appear to be fewer bikes too. I’ve sent my feedback online already direct to fusion too. cold showers is ridiculous, Taking two kids swimming for their lessons in January with no hot showers afterwards, not good enough.

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