Forest Hill Pools [2019]

So I went for a swim yesterday and counted all the issues not caused by the public.
2 showers broken
5 locker locks broken
2 diving boards broken
Ceiling panels missing
Dustbins overflowing and all rusty
Big puddles forming where drains don’t lie flush with the floor
Disabled toilet out of use
Toilet seat in ladies toilets fallen off and left hanging
2 changing cubicles with broken locks

Then problems caused by the public
Blue shoe covers all over the floor
One soiled toilet

So what’s the verdict? Methinks the public is not the main issue here!


Question is, who caused the damage? Can you imagine working in an environment where some members of the public really don’t care and abuse you. Ask a member of staff there if they have ever faced abuse. The answer may suprise you.


Hello All,

Thank you for all your messages RE cleanliness issues that you’ve identified. The centre manager at the site has been working through this and have provided an update

2 showers broken - All the showers on the first floor are in working order, however one is missing a press button, which has now been logged.
5 locker locks broken - We do have some lockers out of order, I will raise this our maintenance manager, I’ve tasked a staff member with examining them all so we have exact numbers.
2 diving boards broken - We do have two broken diving blocks, this has been logged and we are awaiting a quote. The swimming club are aware, but rarely use them. So at this stage whilst frustrating that they are broken they are not interrupting service.
Ceiling panels missing - There are ceiling panels missing due to the ongoing leaks (referenced in original post) that we’ve been dealing with, once the plumbing is fixed we will replace them all.
Dustbins overflowing and all rusty -The dust bins today aren’t overflowing but they are rusty, I will get some new ones ordered.
Big puddles forming where drains don’t lie flush with the floor - Best I can tell there a normal amount of water on the floor right now that you’d expect to see where there are pool and shower facilities.
Disabled toilet out of use - This is again due to the plumbing difficulties, however there are two disabled access toilets on the ground floor that were taking out of commission years ago due to faulty installation.
Toilet seat in ladies toilets fallen off and left hanging - All the toilet seats are in working order.
2 changing cubicles with broken locks - The ones I checked are ok, though some were in use so I haven’t been able to check them all yet.

We will continue to keep an eye on all these issues identified and will continue to work to ensure the building is clean and well maintained.


Any comment on how poor quality yet expensive the gym is compared to other nearby gyms?


@FusionLewisham thanks for the detailed response to the feedback on this topic, and also to those who’ve taken the time to make constructive points that Fusion can act on.

Yes thanks for the detailed response, nice to know the concerns are being listened to. I disagree with the water on the floor, it was clearly not draining properly, with low numbers of swimmers it shouldn’t be that wet and slippery.
That is a massive amount of plumbing issues, and the showers are still too hot, I got a nasty shock mid shower when it suddenly went scalding then returned to a constant just about manageable hot. No other pool I’ve been to have had this level of problems with plumbing, that’s about 20 pools all over London, Surrey, Bristol and the South West. How are they managing to get it all working yet Fusion aren’t?

And I maintain the loo seat was falling off! I know because I nearly fell off with it!

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I’m sorry but I really don’t believe this is all the fault of the patrons.
I regularly go to council run gyms in southwark and Westminster where I work and in 2 years have NEVER EVER encountered the amount of dirt,cancelled classes and broken equipment and amenities that I did in the 2 years I regularly attended FHP. I stuck with the pools for 2 years despite all the problems listed above because of Fusion’s managements constant assurances that things would change, new management, more staff, etc etc
nothing changed and finally after nearly hurting myself slipping on the floor and finding yet again a filthy changing cubicle I decided I was being taken for a mug and stopped wasting my money and joined a well run gym. its worth the travel just to know I can pee in a clean toilet and find a machine that works or attend a class without it being cancelled at the last miniute.
I don’t believe Forest Hill has the dirtiest rudest patrons in London so I think somehow fusion are to blame for the lamentable state of this relatively new custom built facility

I went to the gym last Friday, the first floor was like a crime scene - both changing rooms taped off and out of use.

The very loud music is an ongoing disincentive for me using the gym. When the issue was raised at the Forest Hill Assembly, the manager said it’s “industry standard” to have loud music in gyms, in other words everyone does it. That isn’t a reason to do anything, but it is a way of brushing off your customers. It would be great if they could have two hours a day in the off-peak, say 13.00 -15.00 when the music is switched off. Even if I try wearing ear buds and listening to my own music, the stuff coming through the speakers just obliterates it.

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Thank you for your suggestion about the gym music. We will look into this and get back to you

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That’s great, I can’t be the only one who might want to listen to an audio book or podcast which currently isn’t possible.

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Another thing I would like to suggest: please would it be possible to get a table tennis table - bookable by the hour?

What’s the latest about the pools? Have the issues with the changing rooms been resolved? I haven’t been in some time and was hoping for an update here.

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The latest with the pools is:

  1. The showers are not working, or work intermittently
  2. About half the lockers don’t work, for one reason or another

and with the gym

  1. The changing facilities are still closed
  2. About half the machines are inoperable for one reason or another.

The problem appears to be a lack of maintenance but it is looking pretty grim at the moment. Given that these are public facilities then it must be expected that there will be wear and tear, and that some users will be thoughtless and inconsiderate. A management response would be to look for strategies to address these issues. My impression is that either there is not a management gaze seeking to do this, or that resources are not made available to local management. This would suggest that Fusion should be seeking to deal with one or other of these.

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Several of the defective locks and keys in the pool changing area have recently been replaced, I was glad to see.

Last week, out of five hairdriers only one was working. And the blue shoe covers are hardly ever in stock.

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I’ve for a very long time had a bee in my bonnet about Fusions terrible running of what was when I moved here a brand new long awaited local amenity.
I used to attend the pool and gym and complained many times in person and via posts relating to the pools on the forum.
Its actually really upsetting tbh seeing the place falling apart.
I really think we should get our local councillors involved in putting pressure on Fusion who are being given money to run the place out of our council tax.
This pool was purpose built and brand new not that long ago-now its a disgrace.
the gym is barely fit for purpose


I decided to risk it again last weekend, I hadn’t been to the pool since May. And was unpleasantly not surprised at the continued issues around maintenance and cleanliness.

To be fair
The toilet seats were fixed
There were a couple of new clean bins
I found a locker that worked.
Showers not too hot anymore

On the down side
I found tiny black worms/creatures wriggling around the base of the changing cublicle stands, amongst urine/sulphur smelling water. Nearly all the stands had water around them, even when the floor nearby was dry. Could something be leaking from below? Flagged it to receptionist and took a video of the wrigglers.

Both shower cubicles now have broken push buttons so unusable.
Old rusty bins still there
Loads of lockers with keys missing/broken
Water still collecting either side of the drain in big puddles as the drain sits just higher than the floor.

So lots of work to be done!

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The toilets in the lobby are usually OK and are a useful public service, especially when the library is closed. However I was annoyed to see that the disabled toilet is out of action. I had a spell of using crutches earlier this year, so I know how important is access to a disabled toilet. And whereas able-bodied people can use a disabled loo, the reverse is not true. What are people in wheel-chairs etc supposed to do? Stay at home?


This is why I gave up on the pools.
Just So filthy and badly maintained I felt my health was at risk going there.
And I never felt safe in the Pool
I’d forgotten about the urine smelling changing rooms :nauseated_face:
How can we flag this to a local councellor to get it back on track in terms of cleanliness and maintainence?
I remember Maya was very active in the pools at one point-something needs to be done its such an awful shame its so badly run.
Reception are useless I flagged up used sanitary products on floor of toilet but they looked at me as if to say “and your problem is?”


Councillor @SophieDavis posted in May further up on the thread- not sure if she is still looking into it but might be worth contacting her though she may reply on here.


thank you I just messaged her to refer to thread