Forest Hill Pools [2020]

And this is Roberts Limbrick’s …


That post was 2010?

In the link? Probably. But by searching yesterday it was all I could find on their website about the Pools rebuild. Have you info to share? I don’t know who was responsible. Roberts Lubrick, Willmott Dixon or Fusion? All 3 it seems were involved at the time and I don’t know if you used Lewisham’s Building Control, or an independent, or if this was a self certifying matter.

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Thanks for your report,but if like me you don’t know what NCIL stands for it is hard to understand what was discussed or not.

I think Lewisham themselves are a bit jargony on this front (e.g. see the various meeting agendas and such), but this link should help:


It stands for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy. That was supposed to be the main focus of the meeting and it’s what James Lee was there to explain.

The agenda and links are here …

We now know it’s a tad over 32K to be spent on the priorities set as a result of the consultation that LBL ran on Commonplace, which I believe featured in an earlier thread on this site. The Assembly audience seconded those priorities. From memory top of the list was Transport and Streets. Community safety was in there too. Only 32K though and this replaces the Assembly funds, which people bid for in the past.

Edit: maybe this needs to be in a separate thread, as I only intended to mention it in passing here?

Edit 2 to say oops sorry, I hadn’t seen @ForestHull 's reply whike I was typing.


Hi everyone,

Sorry for arriving so late to this discussion.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the Assembly meeting. I only found out 1 minute before the meeting started that James Lee would have to leave early. I had been expecting him to stay for the duration of the meeting, allowing him to answer questions on the Pools and Fusion. Sadly, this did not happen and unfortunately, I accept I was not as prepared as I should have been.

I’ve spoken to James and he has apologised, he had expected the meeting to start earlier and he had to leave due to childcare responsibilities. He also informed me that he has personally apologised to Mannie and Matthew from Fusion as they were clearly left in a difficult position.

James has said he is happy to come to the next Assembly to discuss Forest Hill Pools and the work going on behind the scenes between LBL and Fusion. He’ll be happy to field any questions that members of the Assembly might have. Myself and Sophie have warmly welcomed his invitation and will try and ensure there is space on the next Assembly agenda for further discussion.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks,



I’m personally wondering how Fusion have been able to retain the contract to run Lewisham’s fitness facilities when they lost their contracts in other boroughs?
Our local site has been badly run from the start and no matter of promises from Fusion have over all these years put it right.
Granted structural issues with the build can’t be blamed on them but cancelled classes, poorly maintained facilities can.
I go to Beckenham Spa to use the pool which is ridiculous when I live 10 mins walk from FHP but filthy toilets, changing areas that smelt of pee, ditto showers, and lack of interest or involvement when teens are going crazy jumping in the pool on swimmers and a general feeling of being in cloudy slimy water have made me stop going there.

Hi Max, I’m sorry to hear you are not happy with how Fusion are managing the leisure centre.
I have been with Fusion for just over a month now and I am aware we have some teething issues.
Over the last few weeks we have had a massive focus on cleaning standards. We have had our previous cleaners replaced and are having our new ones follow a strict cleaning schedule, walking round with them inspecting daily, as well as the staff on shift also following cleaning schedules.
We are aware of some maintenance issues and are trying our best to keep on top of these.
If you would like to give us another try I’m happy to give you a week trial of the facilities? Let me know if you wish to take up my offer!
Mannie (General Manager @ FHP)


Hi Mannie.
When will the baby pool re open, as apparently it’s closed because of temperature issues. :cry: Thanks.

Yes I’d like an update on the pools and their temperature. I’m paying for swimming lessons when my kids can’t attend because the pool temp is too cold. After the cold showers for weeks it’s all just a bit ridiculous now.

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I just visited the swimming pool on Sunday.
Yes, the water was not clear, I could not see anything much with gogle on. Women’s changing room, once there was a man in there changing as normal, since then, I do not even go in there. Shower was actually warm, but water in the pool was cold.
Would be good to improve the changing room smell. and should be doing something about women’s changing room. I feel unsafe.

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Have you changed cleaning contractor or just changed the staff?

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Hi @Mannie and thanks for your efforts in joining and sharing info. Are you able to tell us if another meet the manager session has been organised yet? Thanks.


Hi Andrea, we have ordered 2 new pumps which have been signed off, so we should have the pool open again in the next 2-3 weeks max


Hi Pea, this will be 2-3 weeks max, we have ordered 2 new pumps so as soon as they arrive (hopefully sooner) works will be done immediately but this is the benchmark we have been given.

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We have changed the cleaners, we still use KGB. Pedro and Honey have been working hard and listened to all instructions given, following the cleaning schedule.


I’ve literally witnessed one of the staff doing the ‘rounds’ picking up litter from the changing rooms but leaving a cubicle full of tissue and god knows what completely untouched.

If you see a member of staff doing this please do not hesitate to knock on my office and I will get it sorted :slight_smile:


Hi Dave, we just had one on the 20th Feb, next one is on the 28th March at 10am