Forest Hill Pools [2020]

Yep. Took my 2 year old son there yesterday and cold showers even in the pool. Was horrid coming out feeling frozen.

Having a shower bath after a swim is a modern innovation and quite unnecessary. In the early 1950s when we from Caldecote Road Junior School went for our swimming lessons at Vestry Street Baths in Leicester we would have scorned the idea. Made me the man I am.

Thanks - I’m really sorry that you’ve had this experience and that you feel like you have no other choice but to leave.

On the specifics of your complaint - I understand that the boiler is due to be repaired (when I last asked - last week- there wasn’t a timeline but I am checking); your point (2) is completely unacceptable - I will raise it with the managers and officers; point (3) is something I am also raising regularly (I think that there is under-investment when it comes to the cleaning service).

As I’ve said previously on this forum, both as a user and councillor, I share your disappointment and frustration and am working to try and improve the situation.

I’ve invited the lead officer at Lewisham Council to attend the Forest Hill assembly on the 8th February, to answer questions and explain what the Council are doing. Please come along if you’re interested.


Ps: please email me with your email address art, so I can send you any updates.


Maybe it would be helpful for Steve to attend also? That would avoid any “I’ll check with the pools management/Council officers” shuttlecocking delays/excuses if only one of them attends. I mean on their part, of course, not yours.


I guess you are referring to @Steveem7… that’s a good point.

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Ha. Many a luxury we come to enjoy these days. Now you mention it when I went swimming at school in the 90s we never showered after. Bringing my children up as London lovies it seems.

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I believe that it is actually quite important to shower after swimming in a public pool because chlorine and chloramines left on the skin for a prolonged period of time can cause rashes and other irritations…
Ok if you like that sort of thing I guess.
More importantly if there are no warm showers are people showering before they get into the pool?
Pretty disgusting if not.


Dear all

Many thanks for all your comments. Hopefully I can address a few of them here and I assure you i’m working hard to get the longer term problems resolved.

The changing rooms have been an issue for a long time and the good news is we recently had a surveyor inspect the site and David Walton at Lewisham Council is awaiting the report. Once we have this we will be working together (Fusion and Lewisham Council) to get this resolved. I have recently produced some new communications both at the centre and online to inform customers where we are up to. Once we have the results I will continue to feedback. To clarify the fault here is with the initial build quality so neither Lewisham Council or Fusion Lifestyle can commence remedial works, all I can do is apologise is has taken so long to be rectified.

The hot water issue is not actually related to the boilers, it is an issue with the hot water tank. Our facilities team picked this up last Friday and we had an engineer attend site the same evening.

We then received the quotations on 7th and orders were placed the next day, these were authorised on 10th and we are waiting on them to attend site to replace the parts. I’ve held off responding to this chain earlier today as I wanted to submit and update however I have still not had any news. We have meetings at site tomorrow so i will raise again then.

Regarding the gym, we are awaiting more new equipment to finish off the refurbishments.

Unfortunately I’m not in the country on 8th February however I will endeavor to ensure we are represented, i’d certainly be keen to attend a future event.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions, we will post updates when we know.

Kind regards



Just by way of an update, the works are scheduled for 16/1/20



I had an induction to the gym last week, which was brilliant - really helpful. I understand that more machines are on their way, so it’s not a complete process yet. It would be great if this was communicated at the gym though - maybe some notices to that effect - and communicated via social media/website also? Also, could the machines have more instructions on them/by them, that explain how to use them, and could the gym instructors that work there wear something so that we know who they are - or maybe a staff photo/information panel to display this sort of information. All seems to be improving, but communicating what is being done seems to be a bit hit and miss!


changing rooms? showers? additional machines in gym?

Hi, the works for the showers.


Dear all

I have some good news. Alan Peel our Maintenance Manager managed to get the engineers to attend site a day early so we now have hot water. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue and i’d like to thank Alan for his hard work chasing this up daily over the last week.

We hope to have further news on the gym and defects issues in the near future.

Kind Regards


Hi Steve,

It is excellent to have hot water once again. Unfortunately out of the 3 poolside showers I tried yesterday, one was not working at all, one had a malfunctioning shower head and one worked properly.

Great to see things moving in the right direction, but it would be great if some spare parts could be ordered as the shower faults have been an issue for some time.

Many thanks


Does he/she have a name? I assumed you were the manager since you were apparently speaking on behalf of Fusion or Forest Hill Pools.

Please can you tell me where I can address this question for an answer? Can Forest Hill Pools introduce table tennis? A decent table costs less than £500. It could be bookable by the hour, and I think would be popular.

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Good idea on the table tennis table, we will have a look into it, I do like a game!

Her name is Mannie. I will ask her to join this network. I am actually the Business Manager so I have all of the sites in Lewisham.

The next session will be posted soon.



I rather hope that the 1st floor showers will be fixed and the poolside showers put on a maintenance programme, before branching out into table tennis. Keeping an eye on the job in hand might be appropriate.

I say ‘in hand’ but the showers might be on the list of things not to do…?


Water in poolside showers only cool/lukewarm this morning. Told front desk, who didn’t know about it.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t they have a whiteboard behind reception with “current issues” in the centre? When things change, it could be updated. That way every user and staff member would know what’s going on.


Good Afternoon,

I am sorry to hear you felt the staff were unaware of the pool temperature error this morning.

We have escalated the problem to our technical manager who is currently on site rectifying this.

I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.



Kind Regards

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