Forest Hill Pools Gym Locker Thefts



Keys, cards and money were stolen from my locker in Forest Hill Pools this afternoon. The thief managed to pull out my small rucksack from a gap in the locker even though the door was padlocked.

Meeting to discuss Forest Hill Pools thefts

How awful for you. What response did you get from the staff there?


They were conerned and Incident report filled out.


So sorry to hear that has happened to you- not nice at all. This also happened to my partner last year and someone broke the padlock and took everything. Forest hill pools said no CCTV covered the lockers which is frustrating. Hope you get a better response!


I am sorry to hear about this.

Did this happen with the first floor lockers? There is a thread on the SE23 Mums Facebook group about recent locker thefts at the pools. You might like to have a look.


Update in today’s local press:


A pool attendant told my wife this morning that the thieves come in equipped with special tools to pick the locks. Perhaps they can act very quickly, looking like regular customers, and this is why nobody has seen them at it.


My gym changed to customer-owned padlocks for the lockers instead of keys for this very reason.


‘Special tools’ also known as a master key.

I’ve not been to Forest Hill pools, but assume the lockers haven’t changed in the 6 years they have been there. So at this point it’s reasonable to assume the master key has been bought/stolen/copied, or the locks are easily circumvented with a simple tool (pen knife, credit card etc…).

The only reasonable courses of action are for Forest Hill Pools to change all the locks, or to implement additional security such as a warden or security guard. There’s obviously cost associated with those steps.

I like @RachaelDunlop’s idea of taking your own locks - there’s some security in diversity, though I imagine it’s a pain for staff to deal with lost keys or forgotten combinations, as well as people arriving without a suitable lock. There’s probably a fair few combinations set to 0000, or 007 as well, though checking multiple locks is a bit more ballsy than just rocking up with a master key.


The OP seems to describe a theft from a locker locked with a padlock. I was surprised to learn that there are such lockers at FH pools - in the gym area (which I don’t use)?


Hello All,

We are terribly sorry about recent events at Forest Hill Pool, and have spoken to the Police and councillors about this issue and rest assured we take this very seriously. We like yourselves are saddened at the thefts as we want our venue to be a safe and enjoyable space for all our customers.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to come along and meet the manager on Thursday 11th October at 6pm at Forest Hill Pool.

We look forward to meeting with you all.


Got a mate who goes to one of those expensive Virgin gyms. Same thing. The lockers get raided. Happens everywhere and somehow they manage to do it without anyone noticing.


Another way would be to not take your phone, just enough money to pay for a swim etc, & fix your keys on your person! That would give the the thieves a shock! :rofl:


The problems at the pool are greater than the thefts and I think it would be worth putting together a list of ongoing issues for the public meeting. The thefts are clearly very serious and reduce confidence so must also mean the numbers going are down. Which in turn means they will have even less income to manage the centre well. Although having said that I hear they were turning people away on Saturday afternoon - not sure if that was lifeguard related (see below).

So, in order to try and get the pools working better I would like to think the local community can help put together a list of ongoing issues and be part of trying to help resolve them.

My bugbear, which happened again today was when they don’t have enough lifeguards to operate the pool to the timetable. This morning they has one lifeguard (well the manager actually) on duty as one or more of the lifeguards was ill. This means the main pool can only be Lane swimming and not the advertised family swim, only half the small pool was available (and I’m not sure if that was because of lifeguard issues or was lesson related). They were expecting more lifeguards in at 11am when they hoped things could return to normal.

So, at 9.30 this morning the reception area was packed, lots of small children. The staff didn’t seem to know how many tickets they could sell for which pool, whether older children were allowed to swim in lanes (they are if they can competently swim lanes) or what was going on. They were clearly stressed and had that frame of mind where ‘it’s not my fault’ which I am afraid just says to me that they are as pissed of with the badly organised situation as I was.

I had checked the pools website before I left home to check if any issues and none were indicated. There were signs on the reception desk saying that the main pool would be Lane only until 11am but we were there by then and although my 11year old can swim lanes that wasn’t what we’d gone for.

This lack of lifeguards seems to happen pretty much every time I try to go swimming on a Sunday. It really isn’t a one off problem. It’s clearly more systemic, indicates wider organisational issues to me, and needs more than just a weak apology each time it happens.

What I’d like to know, and I will ask Lewisham about this, is what performance standards Fusion are expected to meet around the pools being open, staff training, customer service and the provision of up to date information on the website.

Other concerns include cleanliness, although that seemed okay today.

Anything else?


Routinely running out of blue shoe covers on a Saturday morning. Whenever I tell them they’re out of stock, they’re always surprised. I’m not.


I gave up on FHP and any fusion run gym for the reasons listed by Sachers.
I felt the pool was badly monitored by the lifeguards (I speak as an unconfident newly learned to swim middle aged lady), older kids often jumping and diving into the non lane swimming area (which I like due to being a slow and hesitant swimmer) when I understand diving and boystousness is not allowed in public pools for safety issues.
Classes I wished to attend were often cancelled without warning, and the FILTH!!! the toilets poolside were gross and the changing rooms too.
front desk was shambolic and badly run.
I therefore pay more and go elsewhere.
FHP chronic mis management and lack of investment has been an issue for me since they opened.
Until fusion lose the contract with Lewisham (as they seem to have elsewhere) I doubt things will improve.


Hello We do have a Lifeguard course running next month starting on the 9th October at Forest Hill Pool. If you know anyone interested in becoming a lifeguard, then let us know


It would be interesting to know why. Perhaps they were checking whether people walking in, actually have valid passes?


I understand the pool was at capacity. I don’t know if that was normal lifeguard level capacity or a reduced capacity?


Hi @FusionLewisham, have you ever considered employing an extra lifeguard for days when there is a regular pattern of illness/absence? It could be a ‘pool’ pool lifeguard across your Lewisham facilities and they go as an extra to the busiest one until they work out where they are needed most.

Good to know you are looking for extra or new lifeguards.